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Excolo: Out of Character Community
[Our Motto: F5.]
Two in one day, go me. >.> 
10th-Oct-2011 06:35 pm
ready to work, pulling hair back
Again, heads-up on details? I'm off to dinner.

Monday, 26 April, day 330

Hope visits Edmund at the bakery. Edmund's shocked but very glad to see her, and she explains how Management allowed her and Faith to be split apart. Edmund's admittedly thrown by it all, but handles it well, and takes Hope out to lunch to talk and get to know each other.

Wanda is sitting out with Rose when Valmont stops by. They discuss how they're each adapting to motherhood and married life, and Wanda explains some of Rose's peculiar qualities, and the three of them go down to the library to take lunch with Hermia.

!ac: sex, !ac: violence Jarmyn goes to the Tavern to see Verdi and submit to her, and explain some details of what he wants or likes. They have rough sex, and she tells him she's a goddess.

Lucien's sitting and drinking and remembering Tez when Iago stops by. Iago invites him to talk, and the two sit together, drink, and discuss why their respective partners broke up with them.

Tuesday, 27 April, day 331

Glass is out by the river, and Syl comes by gathering ingredients. Glass asks about Klavec, and Syl explains she's seen less of him lately; they discuss Nu, and Syl assures her that it should be fine for Glass to visit the lot. She asks if Glass's husband is looking forward to the baby, and Glass explains where things stand with her and Iago for the moment.

Wednesday, 28 April, day 332

Nothing in particular happening.

Thursday, 29 April, day 333

Celeste has gone into town, and Leah comes out and begins singing with her. Celeste is delighted to have been the one to teach Leah something, and the two happily start discussing flowers and songs and riddles and answering each other's questions. Celeste teaches Leah how to play hopscotch and the two part as friends.

Lannie comes back into town and heads over to see Lucien. She loses her nerve and tries to slip back out in wolf form, which is when Lucien finds her. After a happy reunion, she brushes off discussion of where she's been (where they were hunting and trapping werewolves) and he brings her up to speed on being suspected of mutilations, Tez dying, and being dumped. Lucien offers to let her stay at his place and goes out to pick up dinner, and they curl up in bed together.

Friday, 30 April, day 334

Jarmyn goes by the Salon and has an awkward conversation with Ri, explaining that he'd rather be staying with her than Verdandi. He says he'd do anything to make her happy and she gets annoyed that he still doesn't understand what he did wrong, and explains that yes, she does like him, but he's being an idiot. They agree to try again, and to maybe go see Verdi.

Nanse-kam is out training at the Abbey and Miao comes over to discuss the shared dream. Miao asks after Nanshe, and Nanse-kam cautiously tells her that she isn't hurt, but she's been changed. Miao tells him how she lost her hand in sacrifice in the dream.

Wanda is shocked when Rose begins talking about her father being a star.

Saturday and Sunday, 1-2 May, days 335 and 336

Peace and quiet. Which, given the fact that the coming Monday has seven posts, is sort of understandable. People were gearing up for things, oh yes.
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