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31st-Aug-2010 03:52 pm - Hear ye, hear ye...
behatted Zann
Hey guys! Figured I'd give a quick summary of the week leading up to the riot...

(First, continued in a new post from Sunday, January 31, day 245

Liam and Lannie have got Benedict tied up, and the three of them are trying to figure out how to get back to shelter. Jack finds them, and Benedict picks up Liam's dropped gun and shoots Jack. This doesn't kill him, although all three of them see him scarecrow out, and the four of them manage to get back to Excolo.)

Monday, February 1, day 246

Polly is out in the park, and Zann stops by, and the two of them get to talking. [Ongoing, because I suck terribly. I'm sorry, RtM, I have no idea how I missed tagging back to this. Have done so, and you can continue or wrap as you see fit.]

Dana arrives in Excolo, hurrying out of the Summerlands for an unspecified reason. She pulls on a glamour and goes to see about settling in.

Syl heads down to the Tavern for a quiet drink. The lot's been a bit tense lately, and her mood isn't improved any when Simon shows up and doesn't remember her at all. She catches him up on a few things, including the angel-in-your-head bit.

Tuesday, February 2, day 247

Zann is kicking around ideas for a music box she's trying to build.

Iblis is out at the carnival in Esther, the little-girl body. She meets Laurence, and while explaining about how she can see things, manages to drop in that Kate is living with Tess now. Laurence is quite disconcerted by the whole thing.

Wanda heads to the library to pick up books to read to her embryo, in the hopes that she can have a positive influence.

Jarmyn is tending bar at the Whitechapel when Chester shows up. Jarmyn handles it pretty calmly, and the two have a polite conversation over (Chester's) drinks.

Wednesday, February 3, day 248

Arkady has had an argument with his sister, and decides to head into town, maybe for a drink, maybe for something more at the Carnival.

Dorian's boredom is relieved by Dana and Jarmyn coming by to buy clothes. [Dormant]

Thursday, February 4, day 249

Tarquin is in the park and meets Catherine. They're having an awkward conversation when Westin stops by, setting off Tarquin's finely-honed instincts. Nonetheless, the two offer him some advice on where he might find work in town.

Wanda is at the Dormouse dealing with the (understandable) gossip resulting from her accelerated pregnancy, and Damien stops by. He tells her about Johnny's arrest, and they agree to meet up and perform at the Tavern on Saturday.

Faith and Hope go to see Edmund. He asks for their help finding the mystery woman he met at the masquerade, and then recognizes Hope. Confused by the fact that she's currently a conjoined twin, he excuses himself, leaving Hope in tears.

Friday, February 5, day 250

Hope and Faith go by the butcher's, and are upset to find that Simon doesn't remember them or Azrael.

Isidore is practicing at the Abbey, and Miao comes by. She thanks him for his help during the time everyone forgot, and they discuss Iblis. Miao explains that the person they met during the memory loss was the Morningstar, and Isidore promises not to go to the tower to speak to Iblis. (We know where that leads...)

Iblis (as Conley) visits Ri at the salon, explaining he's been out of town for a while. Tarquin sees Conley and comes in to flirt, and Iblis happily encourages them both and invites them to come hang out with him at the Tavern tomorrow.

Glass is down at the Miskatonic, and Lucien stops by to say hello. He figures out she's pregnant, she mentions Wanda's pregnant, and he heads out to see Wanda. Meanwhile, Simon's come in and mistakes Glass for her mother. They go through the "been in town since summer" routine (that's probably getting quite familiar to him), and then go for a walk so she can explain what she knows of Azrael to him. As she does so, Azrael's memory and consciousness return.

Lucien goes to see Wanda, finds out about the three-month gestation, and gets very upset. He tells her about the vision from Iblis and Wanda (remember those months of dreams about the child bringing about death and destruction?) is shocked. She explains she's seeing Nu and hopes to have a positive effect on the child.

Syl goes to see Nu. They try to magically pinpoint Tez, don't quite manage, and discuss doing a summoning before deciding it's a bit too dangerous.

Johnny is thinking about how Tess is furious with him, and how much of that might be due to the family being upset with her for moving in with Kate. His brother Paul came to see him and made it clear that if he and Tess don't stop fooling around and do their duty by the Family, they'll be shut out.

Catherine is out when Kate comes across her, and the two begin talking. Catherine is delighted to find another Christian in town. [Ongoing]

Saturday, February 6, day 251

!ac:violence, !caution Benedict is in jail when Glass comes to see him. He's shocked when she laughs at the suggestion to let him out, and grabs her through the bars. Glass panics and stabs him, and he pulls the blade deeper. She leaves, rather shaken.

Arkady goes by the Whitechapel. He talks to Valmont and briefly meets Westin, and makes very discreet arrangements to meet with Jarmyn after the bar closes.

!threadbomb Sapphira stops by the Tavern after a good day at market, and settles into a discussion with Ri. Iblis (as Conley) introduces himself to Lannie and Mike, then comes over to see Sapphira and Ri. Lannie flirts very cautiously with Mike and agrees to a date. Meanwhile, Damien and Wanda talk for a bit and then go up onstage to perform. [Ongoing?]

Sunday, February 7, day 252

!ac: sex Jarmyn finishes up his shift and goes back to his room. He and Arkady have sex, then talk for a while--their familes, Jarmyn's tattoos and preference for being marked--and they fall asleep together, after agreeing this isn't anything permanent.

!ac: sex - Glass is out in the graveyard, upset over Benedict. Iago comes to find her, and she tells him about what happened. He reassures her that it will be alright, and tells her he bought her old apartment house for her. They head back to her apartment.

Management goes to see Benedict, and regretfully lets him go.

Romana has just arrived at the Whitechapel looking for a room, and runs into Jack Hollow. She explains she's new to town, and he lets her know where to find places to live. [Dormant]
18th-Jul-2010 01:35 pm - New application round!
One hundred years after the Apocalypse, in a country that was once the United States of America, the forces of light and dark are converging on a small town called Excolo. Here the world will be saved… or damned.

Welcome to Excolo. You'll never leave.

Excolo is now taking a limited number of new applicants. (Current players may also app new characters!)

Excolo has been running for over two years now! We currently have sixteen active players playing a wide range of characters - from carnies to shopkeepers to monks to gods!

Essentially: the world as we know it ended one hundred years ago, in what seems to have been a combination of nuclear war and environmental meltdown. The postapocalyptic world is an unusual place. The walls between realities are thinner; myths now walk the earth in the bodies of men.

Excolo is a small town that until a few months ago was pretty unremarkable, except for the fact that its wind farm allows it to have electricity - a rare luxury in these times. Now the town is growing fast and is prospering nicely. But there is a dark side to this flourishing. The shadow of the decaying water tower is long, and what lives there wishes nothing good for mankind.

We are interested in recruiting a range of new characters! Check here to see what characters we already have. Excolo has a number of successful businesses and a diverse cast, so here are some suggestions for the kind of roles you might fill:

- The newspaper has just reopened, and mike_inkheart is hiring!
- The Whitechapel Inn would be open to taking on a new barman or chambermaid. The Inn has been refurbished and is a pleasant place to stay, but the bar still tends to attract the rougher element in town. valmont_vicomte will be looking to hire good humoured people who can take care of themselves.
- The abbey, in service to goddessnanshe, always welcomes new monks and nuns. A peaceful place, the abbey is mostly self-sufficient so characters with useful skills are welcome. The abbey is an open community so there are plenty of opportunities to mix with the town.
- The council has given permission for a dance hall to be opened - would you like to run a weekly dance, with live music and folk/country dancing?
- The Saturday market always needs more traders. Things like pottery would be useful!
- Market traders could be doubled up with local farmers, coming in to sell their wares. How about cheese, cloth etc?
- A milkman (with an old fashioned horse and cart) would be nice for morning deliveries!

These are only suggestions, so do feel free to develop your own ideas. As for whether your characters are human or not, that's up to you. We have quite a few powerful characters now, so all I'll say is that we'd prefer supernatural powers to be relatively low key. We have several gods, werewolves and shapeshifters, so I think we'll say that's enough on that front. Otherwise, knock yourself out!

When you've thought about that, fill in this form!

Your LJ name:
The character/s you currently play, if any:
Your claimed perfume:
Character name:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

Looking forward to hearing from you.
17th-Jul-2010 11:08 pm - Playa's got a date.
Warning academic at work
This is inspired by Mo's location directories (though the result is more low key!). I thought we could have a player directory so newbies can easily see who plays who! I've currently only put in players who are or have recently been active - but if any of our inactive players want to come back on board I am A-OK with that and will add you! Don't see this as a sneaky way of being kicked out. :D

If I have forgotten anyone, don't take it personally - my brain is fried! - just let me know and I'll correct it ASAP. Also, I have listed the name I know you by, but if you'd prefer to be listed as something else, let me know that too.


Player Characters
Aersi (Siobhan) Edmund, Kira, Mab
Aurora_verde (Jen) Lucien, Marbas, Tommi, Wanda
banyangirl1832 (Rachel) Romana
Jaeresteade (Heath) Jarmyn
Jamiethegrey (Jamie) Tarquin
Jasmine_koran (Rachel) Catherine, Gaueko, Miao, Syl
Jwatson_cookie (Ian) Cookie
Kitrona Starlee
Ladybird97 (Becky) Fiona, Genny, Hermia
Melz_lj (Mel) Annelle, Kaeli, Lilith, Lysander (d.), Melania, Will, Ares (d.)
Misspaulette (Paulette) Silence
Oni_neko (Angela) Chester, Damien, Dana, Leah, Verite
Plaguez_archer (Alex) Cain, Ella, Kora (d.), Lugh (d.), Maryk
Rachel2205 (Rachel) (mod) Faith, Hope, Iblis, Kate, Nanshe, Nanse-kam, Nu, Polly, Valmont
Risen_one (LT) Alice, Dorian, Oscar
Sivi_volk (Ben) Benedict, Isidore, Johnny, Tess, Simon
Snakey (Jack) Aerika, Foxton, Harman, Parras, Reed, Tez
Tlatzomia (Meww) (mod) Cary (d.), Eris (d.), Karina, Laurence, Liam
Torrain (Frances) (mod) Glass, Jack, Sapphira, Westin, Zann
Tsarina Arkady
Violetcatgirl (Mo) Jamie, Iago, Michael, Raphael (d.), Verdandi
Bowie red hair
You'll need to fill in this form:

Your LJ name:
The character/s you currently play, if any:
Your claimed perfume: [If you're unfamiliar with BPAL, check it out.]
Character name:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

BUT before you do that... Read this for a very quick intro to the game and to the rules, and look at the character directory to see who's currently in the game (and what perfumes are taken!). Also note that Excolo features ADULT CONTENT of the highest order, and we can't accept players under 18 for that reason. Sorry. LJ likes to periodically crack down on that sort of thing.

We have a very lively, busy, rich community here, but we're not snobs and we love newbies! We don't require writing samples unlike many RP games - we figure all of us were noobs at some point, so whether you've never RPd before or if you're an old hand at this sort of thing you'll be welcome. That said, we now have so many characters that we are slightly choosier in terms of the types of characters we want to take on. Here are my modly suggestions for the kinds of occupation it would be useful to have:

Farmer (we have farmers in game already, but Excolo IS a rural community); dentist; monk/nun at the Abbey (which in case you haven't read the background info, is an abbey of the goddess Nanshe); someone to take over The Craftsman's Touch (a carpentry shop that makes furniture and toys); a jeweller (either on the market or in a store - we briefly had a jewellery workshop in town); market traders (for instance in: cloth and fabric supplies, pottery); someone to manage a dance hall (since Mr Manqueller has kindly volunteered to let an old warehouse of his family's be converted). Your characters can be new to Excolo, but we do welcome people who want to establish pre-existing relationships! IT can make for easier transition into the game. :)

Carnival-wise: we have a lot of things covered, but we could take on people who run particular games/rides (that aren't the Carousel or Wheel). If you want to be a carnie, you'll have to have already been with the carnival for a while at least since Management aren't taking on new workers, but we can help you with forming backstory! :)

Current players - if you'd be willing to take on anyone in any of your businesses, comment below and I'll edit that in. The Whitechapel would be willing to take on a bartender or door security(the Whitechapel is a pretty rough joint; Valmont will want to hire someone like his other bartenders - hard working, physically quite strong, and level headed). We have an opening for a female prostitute at Follow Me Boy. Miao is going to be looking for someone with experience in the business and who is trustworthy. (People always seem really excited about the idea of playing a prostitute for some reason, so if we get a few apps I'll be leaving this up to Rachel-who's-Miao to decide!)

A note on supernatural characters: Excolo welcomes gods, monsters, men and variations inbetween. Since we have a few gods already, and they have a lot of power, I'd be more interested in humans or supernatural creatures of a non-superpowerful nature! :)

Oh yes, also. If all this intimidates you a bit but you want to have a bash - you can consider playing a temporary character! This will work most easily if you are, for instance, a trader, passing through town for a couple of weeks (which in real time would translate as a couple of months). But if anyone is interested in playing the murderer of Robert Reaves (a mayoral candidate), let me know! He was killed a while back and it'd be nice for justice to be able to be done! (...Which probably means a sticky end for your character, or at least them leaving town tout suite!)

Oh also, I'd be interested in characters who fall outside the 20-40 age bracket, just for demographic variation. :) Though this isn't vital.

Phew. Right, have at it!
17th-Feb-2010 04:39 pm(no subject)
This post is to help people considering joining Excolo!

Let me explain - No there is too much. Let me sum up:

Buttercup is marrying HumperdinckCollapse )
21st-Aug-2009 12:16 pm - Another Application Round
Marilyn laugh

LJ name:
The character/s you currently play, if any:
Your claimed perfume:
Character name:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

[note: Kubla Khan, Cottonmouth, Season of the Inundation and Coyote on hold]

Useful things for new players:

Character Directory (we have a more updated one here but you need to be a member to see it).


To get a feel for the game, I suggest you spend a bit of time reading and getting to grips with how things work.

Kinds of characters we're looking for:
Monks and nuns at the abbey
People to run market stalls (the market is every Saturday, but that doesn't stop you being in town the rest of the time!)
There's room for maybe one or two more businesses on Silk Road. There's also the potential for people having workshops at their homes (for instance as a potter). Potential business ideas: fishmonger, deli, homewares
I've also had the idea it'd be quite cool to have a club of some kind... Excolo is not full of city slickers, so it'd probably be pretty rustic, but a dance hall or something could work quite well!
Farmers always welcome!

We probably don't really need more carnies atm, but if you have a great idea do pitch it to me. I will consider applications for gods, but these particularly need to be well thought out, and I won't accept apps for gods who have enormous powers, because town is a powder keg as it is! If you do want to play a god, think carefully about the character's motivations for being in town.

I think that's it... Any queries, do ask away!
3rd-Jun-2009 05:27 pm - Application round #?!
Labyrinth turned my world
LJ name:
The character/s you currently play:
Your claimed perfume:
Character name:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

Newbies: all old players will be very happy to work with you to help develop your characters' back stories, for instance by developing old friendships, business links and the like. Your application certainly doesn't need to be perfect, so don't be intimidated!

Old timers - ALL are welcome to put in an app in this round, but if you have more than a couple of characters, think carefully about whether you have the time!

ETA HI THERE potential newbies - the high number of comments doesn't mean we've had loads of apps, just that we're chatty. Don't be scared!
3rd-Jun-2009 04:57 pm - I'm doing some housekeeping!
I'm updating links in the userinfo, updating the character directory (adding Ares & Anushka to "former characters" = SAD!), and so on. Some of these posts will be public so they can be used by others. Keep an eye out for a new round of character applications, too!

Current wanted characters

Excolo is a large community, but there's always room for well rounded, interesting characters! Before saying who we want, here's a reminder of who we have. The character directory shows we have around 50 (!) active or semi-active characters. We have six gods, someone who is more-or-less the devil, a messenger of the outer gods, the first woman, the angel of death, a vampire and a werewolf. Plus a host of other supernatural or unusual characters. And plenty of regular (or regular...ish) humans. We have a thriving town with two churches (& abbey), a general store, bakery, salon, library, sheriff's office, cafe, school, clothes shop, butcher, tea shop, florist's, apothecary, doctor's surgery, smithy, brothel, inn, carpenter's, tavern and post office. There's a weekly market and plenty of farms around town, plus a carnival that has pretty much settled permanently across the river. Welcome to Excolo. You'll never leave. (One year, two months and counting!)

I'm happy to consider supernatural characters as well as regular humans in this round, but I'm not likely to approve incredibly powerful characters (especially not ones on the side of EV0L - having the devil in game kind of covers the superbad superpowerful side of things...). Here are a few suggestions for characters/job spots that could be usefully filled! :)

Workers at the wind farm, which provides all the town's electricity and so is an important place!

Monks/nuns at the abbey - some NPC members of the abbey are mentioned here, but there's plenty of room for other characters! Background on abbey life is here.

Someone to run the carpenter's workshop (makes furniture plus toys), as the previous owner has gone AWOL (we can easily have it that your character buys the business off them).

Carnies are always a possibility - we have quite a few now, but I'm open to ideas.

Farmers - we have a couple of characters from farming families, but there's always room for more, and there's plenty of opportunity for them to trade!

Traders for the market - the Saturday market sells lots of useful things, and it's also been mentioned there's a jewellery stall, stall that sells accessories etc. Apart from a fruit stall, all this is NPCd so apps are welcome, especially in non-food/clothes!

Other business owners that aren't already mentioned. If you're interested in working for a current business, you can be put in touch with the player who runs said business to see if they would like an employee! Currently the cafe is run by an NPC so it'd be cool to have a playable waiter/waitress.

An assistant teacher at the school - you'll be put in touch with the school mistress if you're interested in this role :)

Other ideas are very welcome!
4th-Mar-2009 04:53 pm(no subject)
Because it's come up, here's some VERY roughly sketched "landscaping" of the area surrounding Excolo.

- light green = agriculture
- dark green = woodland
- red = unused land - scrubby, but kept vaguely thinned back by the town to stop the woods sprawling into the town.

Uh, also I forgot to continue the road that heads out to the Wilson/Kessler farms. That road skims through the woods about 1/4 mile and then it's out into agricultural land again. The thickest parts of the woods are around the back of the abbey - they stretch back for a few miles. There's more woodland further outside town, unsurprisingly.

Also, even if land is "agricultural", doesn't mean your characters can't walk through it. Not all agricultural land is fenced off or in use... It's just to give an idea of what land is being used, roughly speaking.

with scrawly additions to Alex's mapCollapse )
17th-Jan-2009 04:42 pm - Winifred Anwell (how d'you do?)

Name: Winifred Anwell (Winnie, to her friends)
Occupation: Seamstress
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Virgin
Appearance: Winnie is a young girl of about seventeen to nineteen, standing about 5'5" with creamy pale skin, kinky brown hair, and brown eyes.  She isn't exactly skinny, being of a more lush body build, but she's pretty enough.  She has a sweet, slightly shy temperament on first meetings. (PB: Romola Garai)

Backstory: The daughter of a stern military man and a fragile mother who died in her childhood, Winnie has led a very sheltered life, seldom coming into contact with the rest of the world unless under stringent supervision. Tutors, governesses, and an overprotective father were enough to keep her mostly innocent until she fell in love with a local chimney sweep, and ran away from home with him in a whirl of starry-eyed romanticism. They made it about ten miles ahead of her father before he decided that she wasn't worth the hassle and took off. Now, Winnie is mostly penniless, and after spending the last of her money to get as far from her hometown as possible for fear of the disgrace awaiting her there, she has found herself in Excolo. She has little experience with the world outside her father's home, and no experience whatsoever with Excolo's usual brand of insanity.

Strengths and weaknesses: Winnie has a very sure sense of right and wrong, and a very firm grasp on her own personality; she is not easily swayed from her morals, though her sheltered upbringing makes her easy to manipulate and influence. She has no supernatural origins or abilities, and no real experience with them, either.  She doesn't understand much, in fact, even in the perfectly normal arena; dealing with suddenly being on her own is a little bit of a culture shock for her.

Obviously, Dorian is going to get a crack at her since she's working as a seamstress (oh, heavens).  Anyone else have anything they'd like to set up?  I'm a newcomer.  Be gentle.
16th-Jan-2009 01:53 pm - Afternoon, Excolo!
Application Round... No Fs!king Clue is open for business!

This is OPEN TO EXCOLOERS AND NEWBIES! If you're an Excoloer, you can take part if you have only 1 or 2 characters. If you have more, please contact me privately and we can discuss.

Newbies... Excolo (aka estdeus_innobis is a crazy, busy, fun place to be. It can take a little while to get a handle on things, but we think it is worth persevering! The demands aren't too onerous - If you think you can give up maybe an hour a week to RPing, then that's absolutely great! (Some of us play a lot more, but you don't need to be obsessive as devoted...)

For people BRAND SPANKING NEW to Excolo, it might help if you had some specific character ideas to help you out...

First, check what's already been claimed, in terms of characters and BPAL scents. (This list needs slight updating but is mostly fine.) Although we've gone far beyond the original BPAL-based premise of the game, we still ask that each new character is based on a BPAL scent. You cannot have a scent someone else has claimed. But the BPAL catalogue is huge! :)

I would be particularly interested in:

- monks or nuns for the Abbey of Notre Dame: read about the abbey here.
- market stall owners - we have a market every Saturday, and whilst out of towners use the market, I'm sure people in town have stalls too.
- we have a couple of slots for new businesses on Silk Road, which is the slightly more disreputable part of town (but the businesses don't have to be dodgy!) We currently already have the following businesses/ventures: apothecary, tea shop, cafe, doctor's surgery, smithy, library, general store, butcher, bakery, clothes store, brothel, woodwork & toys, inn, tavern, salon, florist, newspaper, school. Farms provide candles, fresh fruit & veg, flour etc. New stores that could work: fishmonger, deli, jewellers, book shop...
- There are potentially slots for carnies. We currently have represented: Grindhouse, witch, mechanic, rousties, painter, tarot readers. Other ideas welcome.

I am not interested in gods, UNLESS their powers are seriously inhibited. I do NOT want any characters in this round who (a) have super strength, (b) are telepathic/precognitive, (c) are immortal.

Here is the form you need to fill in! :)

LJ name:
The character/s you currently play:
Your claimed perfume:
Character name:
(Apparent) age:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

OH. It's worth mentioning that this game is CHOCABLOCK full of adult content, so be wary if you are of a tender disposition.
10th-Jan-2009 12:01 am(no subject)
Daisy pavement
I've been doing a bit of tidying and reordering of the tags - hopefully they're a bit more useful and organised now! Take time to take a peek so you can tag your posts appropriately in future.

Secondly, in the reasonably near future I'll be opening up applications for more characters, both to you guys and to people outside the game. So, if you have any friends who are interested, I would suggest that you tell them to watch the comm! As for you lot - anyone who has 1 or 2 characters can apply. If you have 3+, that will be at my discretion and you should ask me first! :) Take some time thinking about not only what would be a cool character in game, but what would best fit the needs of the community as it stands. I would LOVE to see a member of the abbey, for instance! I am not interested in gods, UNLESS their powers are seriously inhibited. I do NOT want any characters in this round who (a) have super strength, (b) are telepathic/precognitive, (c) are immortal. There are still a lot of other supernatural attributes that you could have, however! I'd be more likely to favour a god who stood a little more on the side of good, just because we have a lot of dark and chaotic energy already. In terms of human characters, however, if anyone wants to go all-out evil and in league with the Devil, let me know. ;) And hey, random prejudices! Those add fun aspects to game play!

Anyhoo, the official post won't go up for a bit, but get thinking now, and feel free to contact me if you want to work through any ideas.

On another topic, there was a query about the abbey and the services there. Since our abbess has basically become an NPC, I will fill in some of the gaps. I'm going to keep them quite general in case we do end up getting any characters based at the abbey and they want to flesh things out themselves. the abbeyCollapse )
21st-Oct-2008 12:50 pm - Application season is OPEN
This could get complicated, so I'm going to sort it into nice sections.

Current Players

Applications are open to ALL current players, regardless of how many characters they have, under the condition that they have proved able to keep up with their current characters. So, if you have a history of having to be frequently absent, or you seem to strongly favour one of your characters above others (i.e. you play one a lot more than others), I probably won't accept an app. Message me if you're unsure. I would suggest thinking carefully before apping a character if you already have 3 characters - maintaining more than 3 is quite time-consuming.

New Players

We're definitely looking for a small number of brand new people! We hope you'll become involved not just in the game but also in the OOC community. Any questions can be directed to me if you're puzzled by anything! I'd suggest having a good read of the game before applying so you have some idea of what's going on here and how we play.

The characters we want

I am going to be biased in favour of humans with no innate supernatural gifts - the game is pretty stuffed with gods and the like now, and some regular human beings will provide a balance! We have a lot of background on the game now and some situations that are ideal to slip people into! Here are some suggestions for jobs that would be useful...
monk or nun at the Abbey - this is a community dedicated to the goddess Nanshe, a benevolent lady who occasionally appears in dreams. The abbey and its church are run by Oya. The community grows food, runs services at the church, and the members of the community are trained by Oya in self-defence. It's not a closed community so you could come into town!
beauty salon owner - we have a salon called I Dyed For Beauty but the player disappeared, so currently the business is vacant!
other business owners - we currently have a post office, general store, bakery, butcher, cafe, tea shop, apothecary and smithy, as well as a tavern, brothel, clothes store and inn. I'm open to other ideas and there are a couple of vacant lots on Main Street (respectable) and Silk Road (less so). Remember this is a small town and so anything too niche may not quite work.
farmers - Excolo has a large farming community. There's a Saturday market which gives a good excuse to trade in town, and a lot of local businesses would be prepared to buy from you too! Plus we have some farming characters already who could be neighbours.
carnies - we have a few carnies now. I know a couple of our current players are planning on dropping apps for rousties! But there are plenty of jobs open.
prostitute at the brothel. With the retirement of Karina and Miao taking up her role as madam, the brothel is short on female hookers (it still has a couple of guys).

I am open to other ideas, and will consider characters with supernatural aspects, but you'll have to work a little bit harder to convince me! :)

The form: please fill this in:

LJ name:
The character/s you currently play:
Your claimed perfume:
Character name:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

Here is the current character directory - needs a bit of updating but is mostly right!

Newbies: all old players will be very happy to work with you to help develop your characters' back stories, for instance by developing old friendships, business links and the like. Your application certainly doesn't need to be perfect, so don't be intimidated! All of us have come a LONG way since this game started 7 months ago and the joy of Excolo is seeing how your characters unfold when mixed in with other people's.
20th-Oct-2008 08:57 pm - Recruitment...
...We seem to often these days not have luck recruiting newbies in a general sense, so I thought it would make sense to call upon you lot to suggest to friends who you think would be good at this RP thing and who can deal with OOC insanity that they consider applying here! Fresh blood is always good for the community and makes sure we don't get stale. So, new apps will be coming soon. And yes, that means new apps for existing players will come soon, too. I'm going to post this as public so you can link people to it so they can ask questions and such like if they fancy.
7th-Sep-2008 07:31 pm - New applications!
Labyrinth throne
This round is for both EXISTING and NEW players. If you have friends who you think would suit our wonderful Excoloverse, please feel free to point them this way!

The application:

LJ name:
Your claimed perfume:
Character name:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

The current character directory is here *goes to update it*

Characters we DON'T really need right now:
More gods, unless I have specifically talked to you about this, OR you want to put in an app for a god who doesn't have godlike powers!
Anything too scifi - we've had some good apps in the past I've had to turn down because they don't really fit into the Excoloverse. Imagine that Carnivale was crossed with the world of Stephen King's The Stand (c. about 100 years after the events of the novel), with a dash of Gaiman's American Gods thrown in.
Any more psychics - I think our roster is full. (Telekenesis or other associated mental powers are welcome!)

Characters I WOULD like to see:
- characters who've been in town for some time - it adds to the character of Excolo to have settled residents.
- characters who can fulfill specific job functions within the town. A lot of roles are filled, but some suggestions are: farmers (who will supply the general store, bakery etc), members of the town council (typically conservative and even reactionary), a new mayor as the old one died (though if you want the mayor job we'll have to have a chat about what you want to do as it's a potentially powerful part), reactionary townsfolk of the type who've previously picketed the brothel, members of the religious community of the goddess Nanshe serving under the abbess, someone to assist at the general store... There's space on Main Street for a few more premises. The current maps of the town and environs are here.
- more carnies - we have quite a few now so check the directory!

Am always open to other suggestions. :) If you have an idea but aren't sure about things, feel free to comment here with questions or to message me! Have fun!
21st-Jul-2008 09:31 pm(no subject)
The latest round of applications have brought us 2 new players, who should help add further nuancing to Excolo's world! I'll be closing the newbie pool soon, so if there's anyone on the fence about possibly joining up, they should pop in an application asap.

Things for newbies -

Get to know new players here (and feel free to reply!)


The plot so far
17th-Jul-2008 04:27 pm - ROUND 5B
Medieval lady and gentleman
Alright, kids. It's what you've been waiting for - the latest round of applications for NEW PLAYERS.

I will be taking on only a very small number of players this time around, and I'll probably be quite choosy, as now we have a sterling cast and a hell of a lot going on. Don't that intimidate you - just be aware that if your character seems unlikely to fit into the game, I'm unlikely to approve it, as we don't need to take on people. BUT we do love new characters, and fresh injections of people are very welcome!

What we are not looking for:
- any more characters whose primary motives relate to murder/chaos/the dark side. For the moment we're quite well sorted on that front, and honestly, I think any more chaos might cause the game to implode! :D That doesn't mean I only want sweetness-and-light characters, of course!
- any more gods. Right now the town is bursting at the seams. I AM willing and eager to look at applications for characters with unusual abilities, supernatural backgrounds etc. But we currently have some very powerful characters, and that's enough for now. Spots may open later.
- Mary Sues, of course. Take this fun quiz to check your idea if you're not sure. ;) (Many of us did this quiz for fun a while back - quite enlightening!)

Characters we'd particularly welcome:
- characters who've been in town for some time - it adds to the character of Excolo to have settled residents.
- characters who can fulfill specific job functions within a town. A lot of roles are filled, but some suggestions are: farmers (who will supply the general store, bakery etc), butcher, members of the town council (typically conservative and even reactionary), a new mayor as the old one died (though if you want the mayor job we'll have to have a chat about what you want to do as it's a potentially powerful part), reactionary townsfolk of the type who've been picketing the brothel, members of the religious community of the goddess Nanshe serving under the abbess, someone to assist at the general store...
- more carnies

You are welcome to think outside these categories, too! The current character list is here.

The application:

LJ name:
Your claimed perfume:
Character name:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

This last q indicates that you've glanced over the game - we don't expect you to know everything (or, indeed, that much yet - Excolo has has a LOT going on!!), but I will favour applicants who appear to have read up on things a bit. :)

Well, hope that's all clear and not intimidating! Feel free to ask any questions. Please post your application as a comment here!
29th-Jun-2008 06:50 pm - Public note
In case anyone is watching rather than belonging to this comm -

Application Round 5b: new players will open in the next couple of weeks.

Current players, please note that Application Round 5a will be closing shortly, so if anyone else has a 2nd/3rd character they're applying for, get them in now or else wait until Round 6!
8th-Jun-2008 11:58 pm - Rules.
Taintor made for each other
The Rules, in one shiny and easy to read place.

We have the rules tag which links to entries saying pretty much all these things, but why not have the rules in one handy place for newbies? Yes. Sensible.

Herein lieth the rules of Excolo.


Confusingly, we have two uses for 'tag' - game tags that livejournal uses, and a term used to refer to comments in the game. Thread - the series of comments. OOC: Out of Character. Threadbomb: a post where four or more characters interact over 50+ comments.

1. Try to post/tag in once a week. Most of you do way more than this, but this keeps your hand in the game! If you will be away, please notify the OOC comm.

2. Please put location, time of day and date in your posts. Also state if your post is open for interaction. Close your post when you are done.

3. Please tag your posts with your character name, and, if appropriate, the !adult content tags.

4. Please reply to your tags in a timely fashion. In relation to this, if someone has waited for a reply for 48 hours, they can ignore rule 5 and tag into another post. If they don't receive a reply in 5 days, they can assume that the thread is closed.

5. Do not take part in more than one thread at a time. This is to avoid continuity errors. The only exception is threadbombs. If a threadbomb is planned, you are given automatic permission to take part in it regardless of what else you are doing (unless a post you are in takes place at the exact same time, gamewise, as the threadbomb). If a threadbomb emerges naturally, check with a mod. You can JOIN a threadbomb if you're in a thread ALREADY - but don't join another thread that happens AFTER the threadbomb without modly permission - this is to protect continuity etc.

6. Move to a new post when you reach 49 comments. This is because after that the thread collapses and is hard to read. Start a new post with a link showing where you're continuing from. This rule does not apply to threadbombs.

7. Put adult material behind a cut with a warning.

8. Do not introduce major plot elements without running them by the mods.

9. Do not put words in characters' mouths if you don't own them. If you want to interact with another character, talk to their player - don't speak for them!

10. Post in first person. We did used to say you could post in third, but given we write 100% in first person here now, I don't think it'd be appropriate to have third.

11. One game day equals three four real life days. Do not post entries set in the future or past! You can also NOT tag into a post set on day x when it has moved into day y, but you CAN continue and finish a thread that has already been started. (Exceptions can sometimes be made - this is mostly to stop old threads being dredged up.)

12. Most importantly: play nice with other players!

I think that's it.

New and Updated

13. Please ensure posts have the appropriate warning tags, if relevant. These are !adult content: violence, !adult content: sex, and !caution. The first 2 are self-explanatory. The 3rd is for posts that have sensitive content readers may find 'triggery' - usually related to sexual violence, child abuse, etc.
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