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Chipping away... 
15th-Jan-2012 12:43 pm
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Monday, May 10, day 344

Iblis senses that Tezcatlipoca may not be quite gone.

!threadbomb Tez finds he can't leave Excolo, and stops in at the Whitechapel bar. Valmont gets him a drink, then food, then gets his horribly bloody feet cleaned up and they head back to the bar. Lucien and Alice and Jarmyn come by, and Lucien tries to give Tez's feet proper treatment. Lucien gets kicked in the head and Jarmyn gets his hand bitten, but Tez's feet are taken care of. He gets a bath, a nap, patiently gets told he is not to sleep on the floor outside Valmont's door, and is given a room of his own.

Tuesday, May 11, day 345

Quiet moments.

Wednesday, May 12, day 346

Tez is catching mice in the predawn darkness of the stables. And eating one of them.

Jane stops by the bakery to see Edmund, but he's not in.

Glass is over at Lucien's office tidying up files when she trips and puts her hand right through the window. Fortunately Lucien's there to take care of the cuts and stitch up the sliced artery, and they manage a somewhat rambling conversation about intent and consideration while he does.

Thursday, May 13, day 347

Jarmyn is out fishing on the bank of the Pontarlier when Iblis comes by as Danika, who starts teasing him. They flirt, he asks her to hit him and she does, then leaves, telling him him that he's selfish. Leah comes by and asks him about fishing, and he teaches her. She tells him what she is and catches him half a dozen fish, bare-handed.

Dorian is back in town and runs into Kate on Silk Road. It's amusingly awkward, and then Wanda and Rose show up, and the four head back to his store. Dorian gives Rose a stuffed rabbit, and Kate finds a dress. Miao shows up, Wanda tries and fails to excuse herself (Rose is expecting a dress), and Kate leaves after briefly discussing relationship advice. Wanda excuses herself as well, leaving Miao to shop with Dorian.

Friday, May 14, day 348

Quiet day, with everyone gearing up for the party.

Saturday, May 15, day 349

!threadbomb Valmont and Hermia are having a birthday party for Alice.
* Glass and Jarmyn are wishing Alice well when Micah comes over to join them. Valmont makes introductions, and Hermia joins them as well.
* Wanda and Ri chat for a bit before Jarmyn shows up, Wanda mentions that he tried to club her senseless, and Wanda and Ri go to wish Alice happy birthday. Hope and Endmund join them, and Hope's a bit unnerved by Rose.
* Damien and Jarmyn meet at the punch table and talk awkwardly for a bit.
* Vamont and Lucien catch up on current events, Alice's schooling, and Lucien's breakup over a drink.
* Kate and Glass and Hermia dicuss Alice, the last year in Excolo, and Nanshe. Kate mentions her dream, and Hermia suggests asking the abbey directly about Nanshe and doing research. Valmont comes to collect Hermia, and explains the scene in the stables to her.
* Alice and Micah are having cake; Micah gets whiskey for them to share, and they head out to the stables. Alice explains she's going to marry Valmont, and Micah vaguely remembers being married once, wonders if he can do the same. Micah shows her magic, Alice panics, and Jarmyn arrives, concludes that Micah's trying to assault her, and tackles him. Alice throws Jarmyn off Micah with her mind, and Valmont walks her back to her room.
* Hope and Edmund arrive, and Edmund introduces Hope to Valmont.
* Valmont goes back down to the stables to get an explanation from Micah. Lucien shows up, manages to not be too amused, and heads off with Jarmyn. Micah explains to Valmont that he doesn't think he's normal, that he'd like to marry him, and then kisses him. Valmont lets him down as gently as possible, which is still pretty upsetting.
* Jarmyn acknowledges Verdandi's being a goddess to Lucien, and asks him about her.
* Micah runs into Glass, and explains some of what happened in the stables. Glass walks him through basic wound care, and asks him about his oddities.

Sunday, May 16, day 350

Jane goes to see Edmund, and gets an apprenticeship at the Cockaigne Bakery.
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