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10th-Oct-2011 04:55 pm
modly offer
Guys, I am so very sorry I didn't get this up earlier. I expected to have the last week of September free, rather than working and commuting, and the road trip's taken a lot of time. Point out corrections, more later?

Monday, April 19, day 323

Nanse-kam meets Nanshe, and not in a dream, which is an understandably shocking experience.

Marbas lurks around watching Constantine, planning to kill him.

Valmont is at the Whitechapel, along with Jarmyn. Wanda comes in, chats with Valmont, and then starts pinning Jarmyn down over what the hell he was thinking with trying to knock her out the riot, and why he's claiming there was some kind of private matter between her, him, and Lucien. Answers are not exactly forthcoming, and Valmont comes over, amused as hell, after Wanda leaves. He and Jarmyn drink, and Jarmyn gets drunk, as they discuss what he's managed to do since coming to town and his general outlook on life.

Tuesday, April 20, day 324

Lucien, apprehensive, goes to see Miao. He's shocked to find that she lost her hand. They discuss Jarmyn, and the other people he's slept with. Miao's unhappy to find out that he never bothered to tell her about his relationship with Tez, and in light of how Lucien's handled polygamous relationships in the past, decides it's best if the two of them break up.

Wednesday, April 21, day 325

Jack is catching up on paperwork.

!ac: violence, !caution Westin has regained some poise, and is going out looking for someone to experiment on. He finds Damien and knocks them senseless, but is spotted by Lucien, who runs to get Mab. They show themselves just as Westin is getting Damien inside, and he reluctantly lets them in. Westin explains that he saw Damien being attacked and brought them home to care for them, Damien claims that it was Westin who hit him, and Mab, concluding that she doesn't have enough to charge him with, hauls everyone down to the station to take statements.

Thursday, April 22, day 326

Jarmyn and Ri are having breakfast at her place, and then Jarmyn explains he assumes she's letting him stay there because he cooks and has sex with her. Upset, she tells him to leave and give her some space, and he heads out.

Genny goes to see Zann, now that she's better again. Zann tells her about trying to heal Iblis as Kent (who married Miss Wanda), and how he cursed her. Genny's horrified, and the two head out to sit down together, just for a while.

Jarmyn goes to the library, asks Hermia if she's seen Tarquin, and then gets up the nerve to ask her about relationshps. He explains what happened that morning with Verite, and Hermia observes that Ri's probably been hurt and her own reasons for staying in Excolo and getting married. Jarmyn promises to think about it.

Friday, April 23, day 327

Glass is at the General Store when Iago comes by. He says he wants to do something for her birthday, and things get unhappy and awkward when she points out that she turned a year older two months ago (even if the anniversary of her birth hasn't happened yet). She tries to explain that she thinks Iago's misunderstanding of who she is and his extreme devotion aren't good for him, and insists he stop living with her.

Syl goes to the Tower to speak to Iblis about the curse on Zann and their sleeping together. Iblis puts on the Caldwell body and invites Syl in and is blandly indifferent; Syl's frustrated and expecting rather more emotional involvement than Iblis gives, even when the discussion turns to Tez. The conversation ends with no particular resolution.

Saturday, April 24, day 328

Jarmyn is trying, awkwardly, to sort out this whole relationship business.

Sunday, April 25, day 329

Management is having thoughts.
10th-Oct-2011 09:27 pm (UTC)
"Management is having thoughts" is my favourite part of this roundup XD

Thanks, hon!

Ooh, psst - Nanse-kam is meeting Nanshe in the waking world :)

Edited at 2011-10-10 09:27 pm (UTC)
10th-Oct-2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
Really, it's Management! They're nigh-impossible to do justice to. >.>

(GAH. I blame the brandy and the shiny shiny link on the word "dream". And, you know, me. Fixed.)
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