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Roundup is up. :) 
22nd-Aug-2011 04:42 pm
...good grief, an entire week with no !adult content: sex, !adult content: violence, or !caution tags. I admit to some mild surprise; we haven't had one of those since December of last year. (Real-time, that is.)

As usual, guys, please flag it to me if I've missed something. (ETA: Seriously. Two people have flagged me with details already, and I really appreciate it.)

Monday, April 12, day 316

Sapphira is staying home, bare-faced and slightly uneasy. Silence comes to see her, wanting to check up on her, and Sapphira (properly masked--guests, you know) invites her to stay for lunch. They discuss the illusion Icelus created in the dream, and what they both saw as the thing they loved most. Silence tells Sapphira about her dead friend Marion, and Sapphira explains why she wears masks.

Jarmyn's cooking at Ri's, and asks her if she's heard any gossip about him. When she asks why, he tells her that Glass kicked him out of his apartment for hooking up with Iago. When he asks her why she's upset, Ri says she thought they might have been becoming more than just friends, a prospect that fills Jarmyn with dread. He eventually agrees to not sleep with anyone else (excepting Verdi) without checking with her, and they make out before she goes back to work.

Damien has been looking for Nanshe in dreams, and finally finds her. Nanshe explains that she is now in the waking world, and that she's scarecely told anyone. She asks if they can meet, and Damien agrees, a little cautiously. Come Tuesday dawn, they meet at the Miskatonic. Nanshe asks Damien if they feel limited in the waking world, and Damien explains that it's a tradeoff; more power in dreams, but more actual danger. They ask if the compass coming into the waking world is a sign that things are changing, and Nanshe confirms it, although she cannot yet say how.

Tuesday, April 13, day 317

Jarmyn is at the Whitechapel. Working and worrying about Tarquin and wondering where he stands with Ri and thinking about taking Iago's place at the Tavern are enough to keep him busy for the night.

Wednesday, April 14, day 318</b>

Zann is remembering Iblis from when he'd forgotten his choice to turn against creation, and is gearing up to use the music box that she thinks might help him with his despair.

Thursday, April 15, day 319

Zann invited Iblis as Kent to come see her, and begins to play the music box she built. Iblis remembers the song of creation from before he fell, then crushes it and curses her to always see everything that is broken and know she cannot mend it.

Wanda, at the Dormouse with Rose, is singing when she senses the music box and Kent's remembering. For a single moment, she hits a high C, perfectly giving voice to all she is hearing.

Iblis is in the tower, remembering all they turned away from and facing the choice to turn away from it again.

Friday, April 16, day 320

Jarmyn's gotten bitten throwing someone out, and Miao's treating the wound. Seeing she's having some difficulty, he asks her if anything's wrong and she tells him she cut off her hand as a sacrifice to Nanshe. Jarmyn's taken aback at the idea of someone cutting their hand off in their sleep, but agrees to not tell anyone about it, and Miao tells him about Nanshe.

Iblis is in a new body at the Miskatonic. Simon/Azrael joins him for coffee, and they discuss the effects mortal bodies might have on them. Iblis tells him she cursed Zann for trying to help her, and that she slept with Syl. There's a mild discussion of whether Iblis could tempt or kill Azrael, and what they want out of the end of everything, and they part.

Glass is working at the General Store when Lucien stumbles in, looking for cigarettes. He explains that Wanda is very upset that he hasn't spoken to Miao about Valentine's Day yet, and Glass asks about the private matter between him and Wanda and Jarmyn that Jarmyn mentioned. She tells him about Jarmyn and Iago, and they discuss the progression of Glass's pregnancy. Lucien asks why she sees his dying and coming back differently than Verdandi's, and she tries to explain. She wishes him luck with Miao, and he heads out.

Saturday, April 17, day 321

Wanda is at market when Kent runs into her and Rose, and they go back to the Dormouse. Wanda's annoyed--a little, since she expected it--at Kent's indifference to her and rather lackadaisical involvement with his daughter. He asks her if she needs or wants anything, and she lists off several extravagent fancies, but ends by saying he can't give her what she really wants, which is him. He offers to make her a golem duplicate of himself, and she declines, and they go to bed.

Sunday, April 18, day 322

Syl is in the park when Simon comes by. He tells her that she slept with Iblis, which she handles pretty well. Then he tells her that Iblis cursed Zann for trying to fix him, which upsets her, and they discuss, briefly, the possibility of fixing her.

Kate is at the General Store when Alice comes by, shopping like a proper grown-up. Glass joins them, and there's a bit of awkwardness when Alice calls her Gaueko's. Glass and Kate discuss Iago and Tess as Alice shops for ingredients, and Glass mentions visiting Wanda and Rose. They wonder at Iblis's plans for its daughter, and then Alice comes back with ingredients for her cake.
22nd-Aug-2011 09:11 pm (UTC)
Awesome round-up! I don't envy you this task but you do it well, hon. Thanks! :D
22nd-Aug-2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
*snugs* Thanks, hon. :) It's good to hear.
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