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Once upon a time. 
1st-Aug-2011 02:40 am
fence in woods, daylit fence
Okay, guys. I'm nervous about threadbombs at the best of times, and summarizing three of them, all set in a shared dream (plus the end-of-the-week wedding!), was a bit overwhelming. Please let me know if I've forgotten something!

(And to any newcomers: Hi! It isn't usually quite this strange; the town was put to sleep for three days, and there was a very odd shared dream that ran according to the rules of fairy tales.)

Monday, March 29, day 302

Lucien goes to see Mab, looking to establish an alibi to prove he couldn't have tortured Derek Granger. He also mentions Westin as a possible suspect, and confesses to killing Derek.

Tuesday, March 30, day 303

Icelus tricks and ensorcels Nanshe, and puts all of Excolo to sleep. He wants to play.

!ac: violence There is a fairytale in a forest:
* Prince Valmont, lost, is found by Glas and a wolf, who join him on his quest to reach the tower and free the princess. The fairy Fiona tells them they must find the key, and they set off in search of it.
* The woman without hands travels towards the tower with Puss in Boots. Dana of faerie, who travels there to rescue her sister, joins them.
* Wanda and her daughter are off through the woods to see grandmother, and are joined by Icelus in the shape of a little girl.
* Westin comes upon Kate in her cottage in the woods, and is thinking how to steal her hands when Wanda and the little girl join them. The little girl peels herself open to show the wolf beneath, and the others shut themselves in the cottage. Wanda runs down into the cellar, and the wolf huffs and puffs and blows the cottage down.
* Benedict comes upon Iago in the woods, and is wondering whether to or not to wait before killing him when they're joined by Ares and Mab. Wanda and Rose join them as well, and Benedict slips off on his own while the rest continue to the tower.
* Princess Hope meets Edmund in the woods, who is looking for something, and they travel together. They come upon the cave by the pond where Miao has lived with her golden fish since her father died. Westin is there as well, and the three (excluding Miao) plan to travel on to the tower. Just then,
* Valmont and his entourage arrive at Miao's home, and discover the key inside Westin's hand. Panicked, Westin attacks Hope and and is turned to stone.

There is a fairytale by the sea:
* Polly is on the beach mending her nets when Marbas comes by looking for his daughter Celeste and her mother. Sapphira comes to join them, explaining that she is hoping to catch a fish so that it will grant her a wish and she can have her face back. Jarmyn is washed ashore and tells them of the things he saw swimming in it. Uneasy but determined, Sapphira and Polly go down to the sea to cast Polly's nets. Jarmyn begins telling Celeste stories.
* Zann is sailing to see what she can find when she meets Leah and invites her aboard. They see the sea serpent and turn towards the shore.
* Kate blows into the sea, and the selkie Syl helps her to shore.
* Reed is on the shore in her mask when the serpent (Tess) is caught in Polly's nets. Kate and the Syl come to help untangle her, and then Polly is swallowed by a leviathan that demands they play the riddle game to save her and save themselves. They do, and it vomits Polly up with a golden cog in her hand. They stretch out Zann's boat until it is big enough for them all and go to the tower.

Iblis mourns Tez, in his way.

Wednesday, March 31, day 304

!ac: violence There is a fairytale in a tower:
* Nanse-kam, blinded, is at the tower when Lucien and those travelling from Miao's cave arrive. It begins to rain, the roses around the tower begin to uncoil and drag them down, and they run for the tower.
* As Chester goes on ahead, Dana and Silence are trying to make it through the blooded roses, and Silence allows them to crawl up her, plunges her arms into the thicket--and finds she once again has her silver hands.
* Damien arrives, led by the brooch Nanshe once gave them which is also a compass.
* Azrael, trapped by the dream, bars the way into the tower. Not knowing what else to do and not seeing anything else working, Glas goes forward and is killed. Silence weaves the feathers that were her blood into a cloak and gives it to Azrael for when they wake.
* Valmont reaches the top of the tower, to find that Nanshe is not awakened by his kiss. Zann takes the golden cog from Polly and Damien's compass-pin and turns them into a bird that drags back the coverlet Nanshe is sleeping under, and Wanda saws away the spiderweb strands binding Nanshe to the bed. Nanshe awakens weakened and Zann and Valmont and Damien give her their strength, and Miao sacrifices her own hand to Nanshe.
* The boat approaches, as it begins to rain. Syl finds a golden egg in the river, but is badly wounded by Miao's fish as she tries to bring it to the surface.
* Icelus, in the form of whatever the onlooker loves best, arrives as Nanshe comes forward to battle him. Valmont tries to stop her and is knocked aside, and Syl gives her the golden egg. Icelus, briefly distracted by crushing Sapphira, turns back to Nanshe--who plunges her sword through her own heart.

Silence's other consciousness is awake and looking for people or answers.

Jack is dreaming, awake, trying to help people, and generally feeling pretty helpless.

Thursday, April 1, day 305

Lost beyond the wall of sleep.

Friday, April 2, day 306

Glass, having fallen out of the dream when she died, finally wakes up.

Syl wakes up to find herself alive and Tez still dead.

Nanshe comes back to herself, and finds herself in the real world in waking flesh, an understandably upsetting experience.

Saturday, April 3, day 307

Nanshe goes to find Syl, hoping for a dispassionate reaction. Syl recognizes her, and the two set up a backstory for Nanshe while she's staying with Syl, and begin to try and figure out how to deal with her incarnation.

Wanda takes Rose out for a tour of the Market.

Kate is at the Miskatonic and Glass stops by. The two discuss the dream of the town, and Glass suggests speaking to Damien, since they can dreamwalk. Glass explains her problem with Iago not believing her, and the current awkwardness in their relationship.

Jarmyn is bartending when Lucien arrives at the Whitechapel to drown his sorrows. They compare notes on the dream, Jarmyn telling Miao and him and Lucien comes up, Lucien tries to explain some of Excolo's oddities, and leaves when Jarmyn makes it clear he's not interested in discussing it. Jarmyn chases after him, makes it clear he's attracted but nothing's going to happen, and Lucien exasperatedly waves him off and heads home.

Sunday, April 4, day 308

Tess and Johnny compare notes on the dream, and Johnny shows Tess Miao's hand, which he brought out of the dream.

Hermia and Valmont hold their wedding in their garden.
* Glass and Iago go over to greet Wanda and Rose, and Glass asks if she can stop by sometime. After the half-year or so of her and Wanda not speaking, Wanda's surprised but handles it well and agrees.
* Alice begins explaining her plans for her own wedding to Westin.
* Jarmyn and Ri and Verdi start flirting and then necking, and Jack comes over to ask them to cool it. The three plan to get together Thursday.
* Lucien speaks to Miao, and it's painfully awkward.
* Kate speaks to Damien and gets a better idea of what they can do in dreams. Damien promises to look for Nanshe and tell Kate if they find her.
* Glass and Lucien swap notes about the dream, Valentine's Day, and Jarmyn.
* Westin and Hermia chat about books, and he offers to donate some of his to the library.
1st-Aug-2011 09:42 am (UTC)
Thanks for this roundup! Great stuff.
3rd-Aug-2011 11:41 pm (UTC)
*tips hat* Thank you. :D
3rd-Aug-2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
Excellent, writing the post I'm currently writing woudl've been much harder without this timeline!
3rd-Aug-2011 11:41 pm (UTC)

Working on the next one.
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