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15th-Jan-2012 12:43 pm - Chipping away...
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Monday, May 10, day 344

Iblis senses that Tezcatlipoca may not be quite gone.

!threadbomb Tez finds he can't leave Excolo, and stops in at the Whitechapel bar. Valmont gets him a drink, then food, then gets his horribly bloody feet cleaned up and they head back to the bar. Lucien and Alice and Jarmyn come by, and Lucien tries to give Tez's feet proper treatment. Lucien gets kicked in the head and Jarmyn gets his hand bitten, but Tez's feet are taken care of. He gets a bath, a nap, patiently gets told he is not to sleep on the floor outside Valmont's door, and is given a room of his own.

Tuesday, May 11, day 345

Quiet moments.

Wednesday, May 12, day 346

Tez is catching mice in the predawn darkness of the stables. And eating one of them.

Jane stops by the bakery to see Edmund, but he's not in.

Glass is over at Lucien's office tidying up files when she trips and puts her hand right through the window. Fortunately Lucien's there to take care of the cuts and stitch up the sliced artery, and they manage a somewhat rambling conversation about intent and consideration while he does.

Thursday, May 13, day 347

Jarmyn is out fishing on the bank of the Pontarlier when Iblis comes by as Danika, who starts teasing him. They flirt, he asks her to hit him and she does, then leaves, telling him him that he's selfish. Leah comes by and asks him about fishing, and he teaches her. She tells him what she is and catches him half a dozen fish, bare-handed.

Dorian is back in town and runs into Kate on Silk Road. It's amusingly awkward, and then Wanda and Rose show up, and the four head back to his store. Dorian gives Rose a stuffed rabbit, and Kate finds a dress. Miao shows up, Wanda tries and fails to excuse herself (Rose is expecting a dress), and Kate leaves after briefly discussing relationship advice. Wanda excuses herself as well, leaving Miao to shop with Dorian.

Friday, May 14, day 348

Quiet day, with everyone gearing up for the party.

Saturday, May 15, day 349

!threadbomb Valmont and Hermia are having a birthday party for Alice.
* Glass and Jarmyn are wishing Alice well when Micah comes over to join them. Valmont makes introductions, and Hermia joins them as well.
* Wanda and Ri chat for a bit before Jarmyn shows up, Wanda mentions that he tried to club her senseless, and Wanda and Ri go to wish Alice happy birthday. Hope and Endmund join them, and Hope's a bit unnerved by Rose.
* Damien and Jarmyn meet at the punch table and talk awkwardly for a bit.
* Vamont and Lucien catch up on current events, Alice's schooling, and Lucien's breakup over a drink.
* Kate and Glass and Hermia dicuss Alice, the last year in Excolo, and Nanshe. Kate mentions her dream, and Hermia suggests asking the abbey directly about Nanshe and doing research. Valmont comes to collect Hermia, and explains the scene in the stables to her.
* Alice and Micah are having cake; Micah gets whiskey for them to share, and they head out to the stables. Alice explains she's going to marry Valmont, and Micah vaguely remembers being married once, wonders if he can do the same. Micah shows her magic, Alice panics, and Jarmyn arrives, concludes that Micah's trying to assault her, and tackles him. Alice throws Jarmyn off Micah with her mind, and Valmont walks her back to her room.
* Hope and Edmund arrive, and Edmund introduces Hope to Valmont.
* Valmont goes back down to the stables to get an explanation from Micah. Lucien shows up, manages to not be too amused, and heads off with Jarmyn. Micah explains to Valmont that he doesn't think he's normal, that he'd like to marry him, and then kisses him. Valmont lets him down as gently as possible, which is still pretty upsetting.
* Jarmyn acknowledges Verdandi's being a goddess to Lucien, and asks him about her.
* Micah runs into Glass, and explains some of what happened in the stables. Glass walks him through basic wound care, and asks him about his oddities.

Sunday, May 16, day 350

Jane goes to see Edmund, and gets an apprenticeship at the Cockaigne Bakery.
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Roundup. :) Flag errors, I will fix after dinner.

Monday, May 3, day 337

Nanshe goes to see Miao, who recognizes her. Nanshe thanks her for her sacrifice, and the two discuss Miao's breakup with Lucien, the state of Wanda, and the importance of Nanshe returning to Dream.

Parras is having tea outside the Dormouse when Tommi stops by to chat. Parras tells Tommi where she's from, and the two begin swapping gossip before Tommi invites her out to see part of the town.

Jarmyn happens on Iago at the Miskatonic, and sits down to talk. Iago finds out Jarmyn was kicked out, and tells him they can't be friends. The two turn to discussing Verdandi, and exchange (somewhat unsatisfying) secrets; Iago also tells him Verdandi has a dark side and has killed a couple of people.

Glass is at the General Store when Lannie comes by to stock up for Lucien's kitchen. They catch up a bit, but it goes pretty awkwardly.

Iblis goes down to the Carnival as Esther, and runs into Westin. She's uncannily perceptive, and Westin considers pushing her off the Ferris wheel, but ends up dicussing the twins with her and falling off the Ferris wheel in his enthusiasm.

Marbas is thinking about how to kill Lucien when Lilith comes by by. They agree to let Celeste out by herself, and chase each other playfully back to the Garden for sex.

Wanda is dreaming of killing people with Ares, and wakes up to discover har arm is covered in blood and his handprint is in it.

Tuesday, May 4, day 338

Glass is out on the land Dorian gave her and Iago, and discovers that he's having a house built for them.

Wednesday, May 5, day 339

Elsewhere, the dark is rising.

Leah is at the post office and Sapphira comes by to pick up some supplies. They chat for a bit, and Sapphira heads out.

Glass is out at the Abbey graveyard after dark, and Foxton is irritated to find her there. He decides that she's simply too much of a nuisance to have around, asks for her opinion on the condition afflicting his eyes, and puts the evil eye on her when she looks.

Thursday, May 6, day 340

Fiona is being followed around by Dana, and goes out to visit her pony. Mab and Celeste run into her, and the four head down to the stables.

Syl is dreaming of sea and storm, and Kate and Damien end up on the beach with her. Jarmyn, meanwhile, is enchanted by Icelus and Syl goes down under the water and swallows him and brings him back up.

Friday, May 7, day 341

Quiet day, it seems.

Saturday, May 8, day 342

Dorian's telling a prostitute a story, and reveals rather more than he meant to.

Jane is at market, when Glass stops by her stall and then falls over when dodging Chester. Jane offers her a seat for a bit, and is intrigued by Chester's clearly supernatural nature. She makes a deal with him to come and talk to her about magic, and Jane and Glass start discussing the logistics of moving into town.

Wanda stops by the library to look up Greek mythology, explaining to Hermia that Ares has been showing up in her dreams and she wants to help him come back. Hermia is understandably disturbed by this, even with Wanda explaining she feels Ares will be on "our side", and advises caution.

Sunday, May 9, day 343

On the road, the consciousness is coming to Excolo.
10th-Oct-2011 06:35 pm - Two in one day, go me. >.>
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Again, heads-up on details? I'm off to dinner.

Monday, 26 April, day 330

Hope visits Edmund at the bakery. Edmund's shocked but very glad to see her, and she explains how Management allowed her and Faith to be split apart. Edmund's admittedly thrown by it all, but handles it well, and takes Hope out to lunch to talk and get to know each other.

Wanda is sitting out with Rose when Valmont stops by. They discuss how they're each adapting to motherhood and married life, and Wanda explains some of Rose's peculiar qualities, and the three of them go down to the library to take lunch with Hermia.

!ac: sex, !ac: violence Jarmyn goes to the Tavern to see Verdi and submit to her, and explain some details of what he wants or likes. They have rough sex, and she tells him she's a goddess.

Lucien's sitting and drinking and remembering Tez when Iago stops by. Iago invites him to talk, and the two sit together, drink, and discuss why their respective partners broke up with them.

Tuesday, 27 April, day 331

Glass is out by the river, and Syl comes by gathering ingredients. Glass asks about Klavec, and Syl explains she's seen less of him lately; they discuss Nu, and Syl assures her that it should be fine for Glass to visit the lot. She asks if Glass's husband is looking forward to the baby, and Glass explains where things stand with her and Iago for the moment.

Wednesday, 28 April, day 332

Nothing in particular happening.

Thursday, 29 April, day 333

Celeste has gone into town, and Leah comes out and begins singing with her. Celeste is delighted to have been the one to teach Leah something, and the two happily start discussing flowers and songs and riddles and answering each other's questions. Celeste teaches Leah how to play hopscotch and the two part as friends.

Lannie comes back into town and heads over to see Lucien. She loses her nerve and tries to slip back out in wolf form, which is when Lucien finds her. After a happy reunion, she brushes off discussion of where she's been (where they were hunting and trapping werewolves) and he brings her up to speed on being suspected of mutilations, Tez dying, and being dumped. Lucien offers to let her stay at his place and goes out to pick up dinner, and they curl up in bed together.

Friday, 30 April, day 334

Jarmyn goes by the Salon and has an awkward conversation with Ri, explaining that he'd rather be staying with her than Verdandi. He says he'd do anything to make her happy and she gets annoyed that he still doesn't understand what he did wrong, and explains that yes, she does like him, but he's being an idiot. They agree to try again, and to maybe go see Verdi.

Nanse-kam is out training at the Abbey and Miao comes over to discuss the shared dream. Miao asks after Nanshe, and Nanse-kam cautiously tells her that she isn't hurt, but she's been changed. Miao tells him how she lost her hand in sacrifice in the dream.

Wanda is shocked when Rose begins talking about her father being a star.

Saturday and Sunday, 1-2 May, days 335 and 336

Peace and quiet. Which, given the fact that the coming Monday has seven posts, is sort of understandable. People were gearing up for things, oh yes.
10th-Oct-2011 04:55 pm - *faceplant*
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Guys, I am so very sorry I didn't get this up earlier. I expected to have the last week of September free, rather than working and commuting, and the road trip's taken a lot of time. Point out corrections, more later?

Monday, April 19, day 323

Nanse-kam meets Nanshe, and not in a dream, which is an understandably shocking experience.

Marbas lurks around watching Constantine, planning to kill him.

Valmont is at the Whitechapel, along with Jarmyn. Wanda comes in, chats with Valmont, and then starts pinning Jarmyn down over what the hell he was thinking with trying to knock her out the riot, and why he's claiming there was some kind of private matter between her, him, and Lucien. Answers are not exactly forthcoming, and Valmont comes over, amused as hell, after Wanda leaves. He and Jarmyn drink, and Jarmyn gets drunk, as they discuss what he's managed to do since coming to town and his general outlook on life.

Tuesday, April 20, day 324

Lucien, apprehensive, goes to see Miao. He's shocked to find that she lost her hand. They discuss Jarmyn, and the other people he's slept with. Miao's unhappy to find out that he never bothered to tell her about his relationship with Tez, and in light of how Lucien's handled polygamous relationships in the past, decides it's best if the two of them break up.

Wednesday, April 21, day 325

Jack is catching up on paperwork.

!ac: violence, !caution Westin has regained some poise, and is going out looking for someone to experiment on. He finds Damien and knocks them senseless, but is spotted by Lucien, who runs to get Mab. They show themselves just as Westin is getting Damien inside, and he reluctantly lets them in. Westin explains that he saw Damien being attacked and brought them home to care for them, Damien claims that it was Westin who hit him, and Mab, concluding that she doesn't have enough to charge him with, hauls everyone down to the station to take statements.

Thursday, April 22, day 326

Jarmyn and Ri are having breakfast at her place, and then Jarmyn explains he assumes she's letting him stay there because he cooks and has sex with her. Upset, she tells him to leave and give her some space, and he heads out.

Genny goes to see Zann, now that she's better again. Zann tells her about trying to heal Iblis as Kent (who married Miss Wanda), and how he cursed her. Genny's horrified, and the two head out to sit down together, just for a while.

Jarmyn goes to the library, asks Hermia if she's seen Tarquin, and then gets up the nerve to ask her about relationshps. He explains what happened that morning with Verite, and Hermia observes that Ri's probably been hurt and her own reasons for staying in Excolo and getting married. Jarmyn promises to think about it.

Friday, April 23, day 327

Glass is at the General Store when Iago comes by. He says he wants to do something for her birthday, and things get unhappy and awkward when she points out that she turned a year older two months ago (even if the anniversary of her birth hasn't happened yet). She tries to explain that she thinks Iago's misunderstanding of who she is and his extreme devotion aren't good for him, and insists he stop living with her.

Syl goes to the Tower to speak to Iblis about the curse on Zann and their sleeping together. Iblis puts on the Caldwell body and invites Syl in and is blandly indifferent; Syl's frustrated and expecting rather more emotional involvement than Iblis gives, even when the discussion turns to Tez. The conversation ends with no particular resolution.

Saturday, April 24, day 328

Jarmyn is trying, awkwardly, to sort out this whole relationship business.

Sunday, April 25, day 329

Management is having thoughts.
22nd-Aug-2011 04:42 pm - Roundup is up. :)
...good grief, an entire week with no !adult content: sex, !adult content: violence, or !caution tags. I admit to some mild surprise; we haven't had one of those since December of last year. (Real-time, that is.)

As usual, guys, please flag it to me if I've missed something. (ETA: Seriously. Two people have flagged me with details already, and I really appreciate it.)

Monday, April 12, day 316

Sapphira is staying home, bare-faced and slightly uneasy. Silence comes to see her, wanting to check up on her, and Sapphira (properly masked--guests, you know) invites her to stay for lunch. They discuss the illusion Icelus created in the dream, and what they both saw as the thing they loved most. Silence tells Sapphira about her dead friend Marion, and Sapphira explains why she wears masks.

Jarmyn's cooking at Ri's, and asks her if she's heard any gossip about him. When she asks why, he tells her that Glass kicked him out of his apartment for hooking up with Iago. When he asks her why she's upset, Ri says she thought they might have been becoming more than just friends, a prospect that fills Jarmyn with dread. He eventually agrees to not sleep with anyone else (excepting Verdi) without checking with her, and they make out before she goes back to work.

Damien has been looking for Nanshe in dreams, and finally finds her. Nanshe explains that she is now in the waking world, and that she's scarecely told anyone. She asks if they can meet, and Damien agrees, a little cautiously. Come Tuesday dawn, they meet at the Miskatonic. Nanshe asks Damien if they feel limited in the waking world, and Damien explains that it's a tradeoff; more power in dreams, but more actual danger. They ask if the compass coming into the waking world is a sign that things are changing, and Nanshe confirms it, although she cannot yet say how.

Tuesday, April 13, day 317

Jarmyn is at the Whitechapel. Working and worrying about Tarquin and wondering where he stands with Ri and thinking about taking Iago's place at the Tavern are enough to keep him busy for the night.

Wednesday, April 14, day 318</b>

Zann is remembering Iblis from when he'd forgotten his choice to turn against creation, and is gearing up to use the music box that she thinks might help him with his despair.

Thursday, April 15, day 319

Zann invited Iblis as Kent to come see her, and begins to play the music box she built. Iblis remembers the song of creation from before he fell, then crushes it and curses her to always see everything that is broken and know she cannot mend it.

Wanda, at the Dormouse with Rose, is singing when she senses the music box and Kent's remembering. For a single moment, she hits a high C, perfectly giving voice to all she is hearing.

Iblis is in the tower, remembering all they turned away from and facing the choice to turn away from it again.

Friday, April 16, day 320

Jarmyn's gotten bitten throwing someone out, and Miao's treating the wound. Seeing she's having some difficulty, he asks her if anything's wrong and she tells him she cut off her hand as a sacrifice to Nanshe. Jarmyn's taken aback at the idea of someone cutting their hand off in their sleep, but agrees to not tell anyone about it, and Miao tells him about Nanshe.

Iblis is in a new body at the Miskatonic. Simon/Azrael joins him for coffee, and they discuss the effects mortal bodies might have on them. Iblis tells him she cursed Zann for trying to help her, and that she slept with Syl. There's a mild discussion of whether Iblis could tempt or kill Azrael, and what they want out of the end of everything, and they part.

Glass is working at the General Store when Lucien stumbles in, looking for cigarettes. He explains that Wanda is very upset that he hasn't spoken to Miao about Valentine's Day yet, and Glass asks about the private matter between him and Wanda and Jarmyn that Jarmyn mentioned. She tells him about Jarmyn and Iago, and they discuss the progression of Glass's pregnancy. Lucien asks why she sees his dying and coming back differently than Verdandi's, and she tries to explain. She wishes him luck with Miao, and he heads out.

Saturday, April 17, day 321

Wanda is at market when Kent runs into her and Rose, and they go back to the Dormouse. Wanda's annoyed--a little, since she expected it--at Kent's indifference to her and rather lackadaisical involvement with his daughter. He asks her if she needs or wants anything, and she lists off several extravagent fancies, but ends by saying he can't give her what she really wants, which is him. He offers to make her a golem duplicate of himself, and she declines, and they go to bed.

Sunday, April 18, day 322

Syl is in the park when Simon comes by. He tells her that she slept with Iblis, which she handles pretty well. Then he tells her that Iblis cursed Zann for trying to fix him, which upsets her, and they discuss, briefly, the possibility of fixing her.

Kate is at the General Store when Alice comes by, shopping like a proper grown-up. Glass joins them, and there's a bit of awkwardness when Alice calls her Gaueko's. Glass and Kate discuss Iago and Tess as Alice shops for ingredients, and Glass mentions visiting Wanda and Rose. They wonder at Iblis's plans for its daughter, and then Alice comes back with ingredients for her cake.
16th-Aug-2011 03:52 pm - Excolo Character Directory
Nightfall knows
The directory's updated as of today and it's a bright and shiny new one! (Yay!) For the new people (and anyone who may have forgotten), you can click on a character's icon and it'll take you to the most complete bio I could find for each of them. The linked cemetery and NPC tables are also updated.

Still missing a bit of info, mainly who some of the PBs are but other than that, I think it's complete. Please let me know if you have any corrections/additions or whatnot and I'll happily add those. :D

[Current as of 02/24/2012]

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15th-Aug-2011 07:10 am - Roundup!
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Here we are again, guys. As usual, let me know if I've missed anything? And new people, LMK if I've been unclear? (Looking over this, I thought I should note; a few objects came out of the shared dream with people, were just sort of there when they woke up.)

Monday, April 5, day 309

Genny's still in something of a fog, but she's realized that Tez is gone. Syl comes to see her, and gives her a jar of paint made out of Tez; Genny opens it up, and paints herself back to sanity; Syl explains what she and Tez did, and why.

Nanshe is out at the Carnival, coming to terms with being mortal. She and Zann meet and talk at the Carousel, and agree to head into town together sometime.

!ac: violence Iago is at the Tavern, packing up. He takes a break and Jarmyn comes in, and the two start flirting, swapping stories and anecdotes, and head upstairs. Iago starts giving Jarmyn orders, which they both find satisfying, but when Iago hits Jarmyn he's reminded of his own father hitting him, and the play comes to an abrupt halt. The two calm down and then they stagger off to get Iago home.

Tuesday, April 6, day 310

Silence has had strange dreams, and to the Tavern, looking to see Verdandi. Verdandi greets her, serves breakfast, and explains that she's one of the Norns; being a weaver of fate explains Silence being drawn to her. Silence asks if she died recently, and Verdandi explains that she did, which stripped the growing darkness from her, but came back too soon. [Dormant?]

Tangentially, this is the day Iago tells Glass about Jarmyn, and she's miserable and furious to hear that he was telling Jarmyn secrets and working to get him off. Sadly, couldn't be scened. Just noting it here so that Friday makes sense.

Wednesday, April 7, day 311

A quiet sort of day.

Thursday, April 8, day 312

Hope and Faith go see Genny, who's stunned to see that they're no longer conjoined. They explain their deal with Management to her, and Genny tells them how Tez and Syl were able to get her back. They suggest she go see Zann, now that she's better, and the three hug.

Simon brings Glass the cloak of feathers from the shared dream, which rather stuns her. She asks him if he knows if Nanshe died, which he can't tell, and then why he didn't move to save Iago when Gaueko was bullying him. Simon explains that he's been thinking of breaking himself and Azrael apart, and the two briefly discuss what Rose might come to.

!ac: sex !ac: violence Verdandi has Jarmyn and Ri over for a threesome.

Friday, April 9, day 313

Glass has spent the past few days mostly miserable and angry, and goes to see Jarmyn, asking if there's anything about Monday he should tell her. Jarmyn insists it wasn't sex and Iago started it (although he maybe could have said no) and that she should go talk to Iago about it, and Glass kicks him out of the apartment.

Tarquin, having overheard Glass and Jarmyn, decides to leave. Not his place to be a burden, after all.

Iago has made a late lunch and is waiting for Glass to get home. He apologizes again, and the two talk a little, awkwardly, about Jarmyn. They manage to avoid fighting and go to bed, and Glass at least is left with the impression that nothing's gotten better.

Saturday, April 10, day 314

Jarmyn finds Tarquin has left their apartment, and sadly packs up and leaves himself.

Sunday, April 11, day 315

Wanda is baking at the Dormouse when Glass comes by. Glass meets Rose, which leads to a moment of awkwardness about Iblis, and explains that Iago's left the Tavern. The two compare notes on the physical objects that they've gotten from the dreams--Glass's feather cloak and Wanda's wolf-head pin--before Rose requires attention, and Glass asks Wanda about why she wouldn't take Jarmyn on as a client. They discuss Ares, the tendency of gods to not stay dead, and Wanda is a bit shocked to learn that Death is in town. Wanda says she died and Glass, reaching out to comfort her, finds out that she gave her death away. They head out on errands, discussing Marbas and whoever tortured Derek Granger, and at least part on decent terms.
1st-Aug-2011 02:40 am - Once upon a time.
fence in woods, daylit fence
Okay, guys. I'm nervous about threadbombs at the best of times, and summarizing three of them, all set in a shared dream (plus the end-of-the-week wedding!), was a bit overwhelming. Please let me know if I've forgotten something!

(And to any newcomers: Hi! It isn't usually quite this strange; the town was put to sleep for three days, and there was a very odd shared dream that ran according to the rules of fairy tales.)

Monday, March 29, day 302

Lucien goes to see Mab, looking to establish an alibi to prove he couldn't have tortured Derek Granger. He also mentions Westin as a possible suspect, and confesses to killing Derek.

Tuesday, March 30, day 303

Icelus tricks and ensorcels Nanshe, and puts all of Excolo to sleep. He wants to play.

!ac: violence There is a fairytale in a forest:
* Prince Valmont, lost, is found by Glas and a wolf, who join him on his quest to reach the tower and free the princess. The fairy Fiona tells them they must find the key, and they set off in search of it.
* The woman without hands travels towards the tower with Puss in Boots. Dana of faerie, who travels there to rescue her sister, joins them.
* Wanda and her daughter are off through the woods to see grandmother, and are joined by Icelus in the shape of a little girl.
* Westin comes upon Kate in her cottage in the woods, and is thinking how to steal her hands when Wanda and the little girl join them. The little girl peels herself open to show the wolf beneath, and the others shut themselves in the cottage. Wanda runs down into the cellar, and the wolf huffs and puffs and blows the cottage down.
* Benedict comes upon Iago in the woods, and is wondering whether to or not to wait before killing him when they're joined by Ares and Mab. Wanda and Rose join them as well, and Benedict slips off on his own while the rest continue to the tower.
* Princess Hope meets Edmund in the woods, who is looking for something, and they travel together. They come upon the cave by the pond where Miao has lived with her golden fish since her father died. Westin is there as well, and the three (excluding Miao) plan to travel on to the tower. Just then,
* Valmont and his entourage arrive at Miao's home, and discover the key inside Westin's hand. Panicked, Westin attacks Hope and and is turned to stone.

There is a fairytale by the sea:
* Polly is on the beach mending her nets when Marbas comes by looking for his daughter Celeste and her mother. Sapphira comes to join them, explaining that she is hoping to catch a fish so that it will grant her a wish and she can have her face back. Jarmyn is washed ashore and tells them of the things he saw swimming in it. Uneasy but determined, Sapphira and Polly go down to the sea to cast Polly's nets. Jarmyn begins telling Celeste stories.
* Zann is sailing to see what she can find when she meets Leah and invites her aboard. They see the sea serpent and turn towards the shore.
* Kate blows into the sea, and the selkie Syl helps her to shore.
* Reed is on the shore in her mask when the serpent (Tess) is caught in Polly's nets. Kate and the Syl come to help untangle her, and then Polly is swallowed by a leviathan that demands they play the riddle game to save her and save themselves. They do, and it vomits Polly up with a golden cog in her hand. They stretch out Zann's boat until it is big enough for them all and go to the tower.

Iblis mourns Tez, in his way.

Wednesday, March 31, day 304

!ac: violence There is a fairytale in a tower:
* Nanse-kam, blinded, is at the tower when Lucien and those travelling from Miao's cave arrive. It begins to rain, the roses around the tower begin to uncoil and drag them down, and they run for the tower.
* As Chester goes on ahead, Dana and Silence are trying to make it through the blooded roses, and Silence allows them to crawl up her, plunges her arms into the thicket--and finds she once again has her silver hands.
* Damien arrives, led by the brooch Nanshe once gave them which is also a compass.
* Azrael, trapped by the dream, bars the way into the tower. Not knowing what else to do and not seeing anything else working, Glas goes forward and is killed. Silence weaves the feathers that were her blood into a cloak and gives it to Azrael for when they wake.
* Valmont reaches the top of the tower, to find that Nanshe is not awakened by his kiss. Zann takes the golden cog from Polly and Damien's compass-pin and turns them into a bird that drags back the coverlet Nanshe is sleeping under, and Wanda saws away the spiderweb strands binding Nanshe to the bed. Nanshe awakens weakened and Zann and Valmont and Damien give her their strength, and Miao sacrifices her own hand to Nanshe.
* The boat approaches, as it begins to rain. Syl finds a golden egg in the river, but is badly wounded by Miao's fish as she tries to bring it to the surface.
* Icelus, in the form of whatever the onlooker loves best, arrives as Nanshe comes forward to battle him. Valmont tries to stop her and is knocked aside, and Syl gives her the golden egg. Icelus, briefly distracted by crushing Sapphira, turns back to Nanshe--who plunges her sword through her own heart.

Silence's other consciousness is awake and looking for people or answers.

Jack is dreaming, awake, trying to help people, and generally feeling pretty helpless.

Thursday, April 1, day 305

Lost beyond the wall of sleep.

Friday, April 2, day 306

Glass, having fallen out of the dream when she died, finally wakes up.

Syl wakes up to find herself alive and Tez still dead.

Nanshe comes back to herself, and finds herself in the real world in waking flesh, an understandably upsetting experience.

Saturday, April 3, day 307

Nanshe goes to find Syl, hoping for a dispassionate reaction. Syl recognizes her, and the two set up a backstory for Nanshe while she's staying with Syl, and begin to try and figure out how to deal with her incarnation.

Wanda takes Rose out for a tour of the Market.

Kate is at the Miskatonic and Glass stops by. The two discuss the dream of the town, and Glass suggests speaking to Damien, since they can dreamwalk. Glass explains her problem with Iago not believing her, and the current awkwardness in their relationship.

Jarmyn is bartending when Lucien arrives at the Whitechapel to drown his sorrows. They compare notes on the dream, Jarmyn telling Miao and him and Lucien comes up, Lucien tries to explain some of Excolo's oddities, and leaves when Jarmyn makes it clear he's not interested in discussing it. Jarmyn chases after him, makes it clear he's attracted but nothing's going to happen, and Lucien exasperatedly waves him off and heads home.

Sunday, April 4, day 308

Tess and Johnny compare notes on the dream, and Johnny shows Tess Miao's hand, which he brought out of the dream.

Hermia and Valmont hold their wedding in their garden.
* Glass and Iago go over to greet Wanda and Rose, and Glass asks if she can stop by sometime. After the half-year or so of her and Wanda not speaking, Wanda's surprised but handles it well and agrees.
* Alice begins explaining her plans for her own wedding to Westin.
* Jarmyn and Ri and Verdi start flirting and then necking, and Jack comes over to ask them to cool it. The three plan to get together Thursday.
* Lucien speaks to Miao, and it's painfully awkward.
* Kate speaks to Damien and gets a better idea of what they can do in dreams. Damien promises to look for Nanshe and tell Kate if they find her.
* Glass and Lucien swap notes about the dream, Valentine's Day, and Jarmyn.
* Westin and Hermia chat about books, and he offers to donate some of his to the library.
31st-Jul-2011 03:44 pm - ALL IN THE GAME


EXCOLO: a game of the battle between good and evil (and all the people somewhere in the middle who are just trying to get by), of gods-come-walking and fairytales made flesh, of what happens after the apocalypse.

Three years, 1,627 entries, 41,753 comments, over fifty active characters on, Excolo is one of the most enduring roleplaying games on livejournal! Yeah, it's a slightly intimidating thing to join. But also pretty amazing - not many livejournal games last this long or have such a solid group of players! And we're always looking for new friends. (Please note that this game contains strong adult content - you're never required to write any, of course, but for this reason all players must be over 18.) You can read a quick bit of background on the game here.

The game began inspired by The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. We've moved on a lot since those days, but we still ask that you choose a perfume as inspiration for your character, however loose!

If you're interested in joining, check the character directory first. Since this is a well-established game, we have a diverse range of characters, and I'd like to add to that. Here are some roles that would be usefully filled:

- The abbey, in service to goddessnanshe (click her profile for info), always welcomes new monks and nuns. A peaceful place, the abbey is mostly self-sufficient so characters with useful skills are welcome. The abbey is an open community so there are plenty of opportunities to mix with the town.
- The Saturday market always needs more traders: all kinds of produce and handcrafted goods considered.
- Market traders could be doubled up with local farmers, coming in to sell their wares.
- We have a now-NPC postal service - this is a post-rider service between towns rather than in Excolo itself, since the town isn't really big enough to need door-to-door delivery. It would be nice to have a played character to act as a new employee - good horsemanship & being fast draw with a pistol (the roads can get dangerous) are essential.
- And how about a gardener? There must be a crew that maintains the town park... It's spring in game and I'm sure there's lots to be done.
- Clerks/secretaries for the town hall.
- Someone to take over the woodwork shop.
- We have a dragon worshipping cult! New members welcome.

We're totally open to other ideas, but it is a good idea to have some kind of notion of what your character could do in town. Excolo is a small place (though big by post-apocalypse standards), and though it has electricity it's not a high tech kinda town. We have quite a few powerful characters now, so all I'll say is that we'd prefer supernatural powers to be relatively low key. I'm willing to consider gods if they have diminished powers. I'm not really very interested in adding more "creatures of the night" to the mix. Morally nuanced characters are always more interesting than outright good/bad guys! We have no need for more prostitutes. And everyone in Excolo is pretty gorgeous, so a being!sexy! superpower won't get you all that far. Other than that, knock yourselves out and fill out this form:

Your LJ name:
The character/s you currently play, if any:
Your claimed perfume:
Character name:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

No experience in roleplaying is necessary - for many Excoloers this was the first time they'd done anything like this! If you can write relatively decently, aren't going to apply with a Mary Sue, and above all want to have fun playing with others, apply away! And ask any questions if anything's not clear. Looking forward to hearing from you!
31st-Jul-2011 03:29 pm - Excolo: a quick introduction
Marilyn bw
This post is to help people considering joining Excolo!

Let me explain - No there is too much. Let me sum up:

EXCOLO is a small town somewhere in what was once the United States. Its precise location has been left vague purposely, but it's nearer the east side than the west, but it's a long way from the coast, and it's further north than south. Helpful. :D It looks a bit like this. (This map could do with an update, but this gives you a rough idea of the businesses, layout and landscape.) Excolo was an unremarkable town founded in the nineteenth century. About a hundred years ago (again dates are vague, but we're probably about 150-200 years into the future), the apocalypse happened. Nuclear war, the fall of civilisations, all that. Since then things have got a little...weird. Creatures that used to just feature in storybooks are now wandering the landscape. Miracles and marvels are not as uncommon as they once were. But even in a strange post-apocalyptic world, Excolo has more than its fair share of oddities. Something is drawing strange things here.

Part of that draw is the Tower, in which lives Iblis, who is (pretty much) the Devil. Iblis's perception is that these are the End Times, and he is in Excolo to bring in the final days. Why Excolo? He's not saying, though the town motto - est deus in nobis - may have something to do with it. Iblis's presence has attracted many people and things to Excolo, not least the Carnaval Diabolique. Iblis is known to have some kind of friendly relationship with the carnival's Management, who have agreed to keep the carnival in town for unspecified reasons. Who and what Management are is unclear. They have a strong sense of responsibility toward the carnies, but in a somewhat idiosyncratic way.

A lot of people aren't happy about Iblis's schemes, chief amongst whom is probably Nanshe, a Sumerian goddess of dreams and justice who happens to have a church in Excolo (founded by the abbess Oya, who has however disappeared from the community, replaced by Abbot Ash). Until recently, Nanshe had no physical presence in town, so she communicated through dreams. However, her recent bloody dreamscape battle with the dream god Icelus saved the town - and trapped Nanshe in physical, mortal form.

In terms of what life's like when not worrying about the forces of good and evil... Much of the world has reverted to subsistence economies. The area around Excolo is largely rural. Excolo is a rarity as it has electricity due to there being a wind farm, and this has made it a pretty successful settlement in post-apocalyptic terms, with a growing population (rare in a time when fertility rates are low) and lots of successful businesses.

Excolo-the-game has been running for THREE years, and as such has a huge amount of backstory. There's no way we can summarise everything that's happened, but we can give you a rundown of anything you need to know for the purposes of applying! :) For now I suggest having a read through of at least some of the community and getting a feel for what's going on, and of course asking questions! Here are a few posts to get you going.

Recent happenings in Excolo - a selection:
Valmont, owner of the Whitechapel inn, and Hermia, librarian, get married in a joyful ceremony attended by many friends.
Carnie mechanic Zann tries to give Iblis a gift that would make him remember what he once was. Iblis curses Zann - but he seems himself somewhat changed.
The demon Marbas plots to murder Lucien, the man whose body once hosted his spirit.
Management decide that the game can do with some new rules. Watch out Excolo...
Glass, General Store assistant and wife to Iago, former barman at the Tavern, tells her husband they need to separate after his indiscretion with Jarmyn, barman at the Whitechapel.

The rules for play are here.
22nd-Apr-2011 02:36 pm - Belated but present!
modly offer
Please pardon the delay!

It was a pretty quiet week in Excolo, all told, and in future I will try to never never never let that lull me into thinking it's okay to let the roundups slide because they'll be quick to wrap up. Deepest apologies, flag me if I've missed something, mark your posts closed for neatness.

Monday, March 22, day 295

With the problems and the hows and whys-- yes, okay, no more Boomtown Rats, I promise. A quiet day.

Tuesday, March 23, day 296

!ac: violence Nanshe is in the crossroads of her tea room, seeing who comes to visit.
* Wanda arrives and invites Nanshe to visit Rose, and Nanshe gently points out that Iblis might get touchy about that. They discuss Rose's gifts and Nanshe encourages Wanda to stop isolating herself.
* Westin is awkwardly trying to have a polite conversation, but Linnea's jawbone is making noise, and there is really far too much blood. He wakes up from a nightmare of his hand being burnt to ash.
* Jack finds himself dreaming (unusually), and they speak of Derek Granger. He awakens with the awareness that more than one doctor attended Derek--something to look into.

Wednesday, March 24, day 297

(Wednesdays! *eyeroll*)

Thursday, March 25, day 298

Glass is up reading when Iago comes home from work with dinner and the cat. Glass makes it clear she's not going back to the Tavern, and Iago mentions wanting to move to a house. Iago invites Glass to guess who he saw Sunday, and the fact that it's Wanda (who he already told her he saw) results in a rather bitter argument--about honesty, not about seeing Wanda. It at least clears the air a bit. Glass tries to explain why she's not going back to the Tavern and that she's starting to develop a conscience, and then they get into a fight. As the fights of married couples may do, it meanders through the topics of Dorian, how good a person Kate is, and Glass's reaction to Verdandi's resurrection. Iago goes to leave, Glass asks him not to, and the storm sort of blows out.

Friday, March 26, day 299

Jack runs into Isidore at the Abbey, and discusses Derek Granger with him. Hermia joins them, and the three are discussing gods and Nanshe. [Dormant oh my God I suck. Becky, Ben, do you guys want to bring this to a neater end?]

Simon's at the butcher shop when Syl comes by. After some brief awkwardness, Simon tells Syl that Wanda's child was born. Syl argues that Rose should be killed because her father obviously has plans for her; Simon insists that killing an infant because she might grow up bad is untenable. Syl makes it clear she doesn't trust anyone in Excolo to raise a child of Iblis (or to not have a child with him), and leaves miserable before she can talk about a plan with regards to Tez.

Verdandi is at the Tavern, waiting for Verite (who's a possible part of some unspecified plan) to arrive and give her a tattoo. They design it, cuddling a bit before Verdandi sits down to start getting the tattoo. [Dormant]

Saturday, March 27, day 300

Valmont is out on Main Street, contemplating the fact that he's going to be married in about a week.

Iblis, as Uri, is selling dreams at the market and Jarmyn at finding such a blatant snake-oil salesman. Zann shows up, attracted by the discussion, and (along with another audience member) is quite taken by Uri's samples. Jarmyn is rather thrown by Uri's buying of his nightmare, and Zann arranges to buy a dream of music. [Dormant]

Sunday, March 28, day 301

A day of rest, it seems.
25th-Feb-2011 11:55 pm - Onwards! Yet another round-up.
Monday, March 15, day 288

Apparently nobody likes Mondays.

Tuesday, March 16, day 289

!caution Lucien euthanizes Derek Granger.

Miao is enjoying a quiet afternoon in, and invites Jarmyn to sit with her and Glass when the latter stops by. Jarmyn being hired in Reed's place gets mentioned, and the three chat for a bit, discussing birthdays, families, and personal history. Lucien sleeping with Jarmyn comes up, making the conversation a bit awkward for a moment, but the topic gets forcibly changed. Jarmyn asks about renting one of the apartments in Glass's house.

Wanda goes into labour. Nu arrives to take care of her, and Iblis shows up to watch, wearing Kent's body. Wanda gives birth, names her daughter Rose, and begins bleeding to death. Kent indifferently ignores Nu's instruction to go get Lucien, and Rose heals Wanda. Kent leaves, and Nu stays around to help Wanda through the rest of the night.

Wednesday, March 17, day 290

People stayed quiet, apparently. (Wednesdays, you know. It happens.)

Thursday, March 18, day 291

Valmont is in the park when Dana comes by. They discuss the improving weather and Dana tells Valmont where she's from--presenting it as a joke, of course--and he tells her how he settled in Excolo.

Syl's sitting and drinking at the Tavern of Hell, lonely and miserable.

Friday, March 19, day 292

Syl is out at night, working a ritual, and Silence comes across her and becomes embroiled in the rite. Silence explains she was drawn there to keep Syl balanced, and Syl's unhappy about not being able to get more answer about what exactly Silence is. (Ongoing)

Saturday, March 20, day 293

Glass is at the Miskatonic when Nu runs into her. Nu tells her that Wanda gave birth, and Glass explains Verdandi's resurrection and Lucien's looking younger (and incidentally gets confirmation that being present didn't cause complications with her pregnancy). They discuss Rose's unusual healing and awareness; Glass says she'll try to go by and talk to Rose and Wanda, and she and Nu sit down to breakfast.

Sunday, March 21, day 294

Wanda is in her back yard when Iago stops by. They discuss Wanda's marriage and the raising of Rose, and then begin comparing notes on their own childhoods. They get on to Verdi dying and coming back, Rose healing Wanda, and what Wanda'll do now. Iago takes a tour of the dungeon and starts asking Wanda about her old business. (Ongoing)
12th-Feb-2011 01:26 pm - Turn 'round, look up.
modly offer
Onwards! And working on the next one; it should be up sooner. Somehow Meatloaf makes it all go faster.

Also, guys, nearly a third of the posts from this in-game week are dormant--five out of seventeen, and once you take away the closed posts it's five out of nine. Maybe take a look and see about finishing them up, or at least marking the posts closed if you've got nothing more to say in them?

Monday, March 8, day 281

Chester wakes up and realizes that Verdandi's died suddenly, but the metaphysical impact of it was hidden until just now. He decides to tell a few people--Mab, Hermia, Valmont, and maybe Silence--and plans to properly remember her.

Lannie (in her wolf form) is in the Tavern basement with Verdandi's body, sure that Verdi will get up any minute now. Glass becomes aware of the corpse, sends Robert (again) to go get Lucien, and heads down into the basement. They find Lannie guarding Verdi's corpse and Lannie turns back to human and explains her somewhat rattled understanding of what happened, insisting that Verdi can't have been killed and it happened a few hours ago at most. She's unwilling to accept that gods can die, and Lucien is a bit thrown to find out that isn't the first time Verdi's tried to kill people. Lannie grabs Verdi's knife and put herself between Glass and the grave when Glass starts talking about taking care of the body. Lucien tries to drag Lannie upstairs, and she slips away and goes down into the grave, putting Verdi's knife back in her hands.
This is when Verdandi comes back to life. Glass is deeply upset by the sudden un-deathing and leaves. Lucien starts speaking Old Norse and his body's made to actually be as young as it looked when he first came to Excolo. He moves Lannie away from where she's standing between them and helps Verdi out of the grave. Lannie waits until they've gone upstairs and leaves, and Lucien and Verdi go back to her apartment. He explains how much time has passed, and Verdi confirms that she had attacked Lannie several times. She says she needed to die to rebalance the darkness inside her, and that told Lannie about being attacked for training. She asks Lucien about why he died, and he explains about the exorcism, and the two decide they're doing as best they can with what they have.

Tuesday, March 9, day 282

Jarmyn is shutting down the Whitechapel for the night when Tarquin comes by. Jarmyn convinces Tarquin to come over for a bath and food, and tries to explain he doesn't want Tarquin to sleep with him to pay off his debt. Tarquin says he'll find a job (putting off Jarmyn's offer to see if there's a place at the 'Boy), and they go to sleep. In the morning, Tarquin offers to work the knots out of Jarmyn's leg, and it turns into a more general massage. Then he goes out and gets them breakfast, and they talk about their families; Tarquin's mother deciding she hated him when he didn't prove he was the child of a god, and Jarmyn's large and crowded family home. (Ongoing)

Wednesday, March 10, day 283

Tess is at work, thinking about having children--the expectation her family has that she and Johnny will do it, Polly referring to it as a duty, and Wanda and Glass being pregnant.

Thursday, March 11, day 284

Simon goes to see Hope. She says she's accepted she can't ever have Azrael, asks Simon if he loves Syl, and tells him what happened to Genny. He says he doesn't love Syl, and asks if she and Faith'd be willing to try to see some of what Iblis intends for Wanda's child. She agrees and promises to ask Faith, and the two go in for tea.

Michael runs into Leah and invites her for tea, and asks her if she's seen anything interesting lately. She tells him about the card reading Hope gave her and Hope and Faith making the deal with Management to separate their bodies. He crushes on her, answers her questions about the walking flaming scarecrow, brings up the town-wide memory loss and Reaves' murder, and if that's what she means when she says strange things are happening more often. (Dormant)

Wanda thinks perhaps Iblis shows up because her unborn daughter called him. He speaks kindly to her and forces her to sleep, if it wasn't a dream.

Friday, March 12, day 285

Jamie goes to the Apothecary for ingredients for dinner and stops to talk with Tess. She suggests an alternate remedy for his burns (which have an odd tendency to get infected), and there's a brief awkwardness when he mentions her family. She suggests asking someone at the wind farm or Zann about the substance that caused his burns, and he heads over to the General Store to finish shopping.

Wanda is visited by Chester, and they discuss her child. She asks him to relay her last wishes to Glass and Dorian, and he promises to do so. She makes him something to eat, he tells her about Hermia and Valmont getting married, and she asks what else has been going on in town. (Dormant)

!ac: violence Tez goes to see Syl about Genny. She assaults him and breaks his nose and several bones, and he finally manages to tell her he thinks he can fix Genny with her help. She threatens to kill him if he ever goes near Genny again and asks him what the plan is. (Dormant)

Saturday, March 13, day 286

Iblis retrieves Derek Granger from Westin and leaves him in the Dormouse for Wanda, giftwrapping him and idly wondering if the sight of him will induce labour.

Wanda finds Derek and sends Romana for Lucien and Mab before she faints.

Glass is on Main Street watching the market when Kate comes by. Glass tells her that she and Iago have moved back to her old apartment because Verdandi came back from the dead in the Tavern. They go back to Kate's and Glass explains about Verdi's attacks and Lannie killing her, and Iago's wanting to move back to the Tavern.

!caution Jack takes what happened to Derek pretty badly.

Reed is sure that the carnival and town are filled with monsters, and that the tinker who stopped by was actually sent to spy on her. She let him in and gave him something to eat, and is still not killing anyone she's done that for, but it would be so simple. Just like killin' a rabbit.

Nanse-kam has gone to Rashida's wedding and is quietly worrying about her distancing herself from the event and his mother's health, and feeling a bit saddened by his duties at the Abbey taking the time and dedication they do.

Sunday, March 14, day 287

Lucien is at the Abbey with Derek Granger. Nanse-kam comes by to make sure he eats something and convinces him to let Derek's family see him before he dies. Catherine and Westin join them, and Westin offers to take over caring for Derek for a while. Lucien, getting suspicious over the lack of tremors in Westin's hands, asks for Westin's opinion on what it would have taken to do what was done to Derek, then excuses himself. (Dormant)
5th-Jan-2011 11:00 pm - Round-up!
Again, here we are. :)

Monday, March 1, day 274

Nothing. Must have been a heavy weekend.

Tuesday, March 2, day 275

!ac: violence, !caution Verdandi goes to have a discussion with Thomas.

!ac: violence Verdandi ambushes Lannie in the Tavern basement. She demands Lannie perform the service she owes Verdi and attacks her. Lannie gets Verdi's knife away from her and kills her, and is understandably traumatized by the whole thing.

Wanda is exhausted and sleeping badly, but still thinks to try asking for Derek Granger. She also leaves Kent a note saying that his daughter wants to see him.

Wednesday, March 3, day 276

Valmont and Hermia are having tea. There's a brief discussion of the warding spell she's been working on, and then Valmont tells her that Wanda's married to Iblis, and interested in their child. He and Hermia are moved to set a wedding date, decide on April, and begin discussing the ceremony.

Thursday, March 4, day 277

Glass goes by the Miskatonic, and Westin stops by. They catch up a little, and discuss the state of affairs in Excolo.

Silence finds herself strangely compelled to go see Nu. Nu invites her in for tea, and the two recognize each other and explain some of how they came to where they are. Silence explains that she's been balancing the Carnivale games, and Nu explains the offer Management made, and that they'd want Nu to father a child for them in exchange.

Iblis, as Caldwell, goes down to l'Heure Verte. She meets Zann, and the two discuss love and a little bit of each of their relationship histories.

Wanda's day is a tangle of exhaustion, not enough sleep, and scattered music.

Friday, March 5, day 278

Ri is feeling restless; she gets herself dressed up and heads out on the town.

Johnny goes down to the Tavern, and Jarmyn and Ri join him. Johnny and Ri discuss Benedict and the riot briefly, and the three settle down to a game of never-have-I-ever. The Tower comes up, and Jarmyn dismisses Ri's and Johnny's attempt to warn him about the thing in the tower, and Ri is unpleasantly surprised to hear about Wanda marrying the devil (and practical people believing it).

Wanda is dreaming of Kent (apprehensively) and her possible imminent death, and Ares shows up. After a quick recap of her situation, she asks for his help and he demands she fight, then conjures up a faceless mob. She kills them all, and he congratulates her on not giving up.

Saturday, March 6, day 279

Iago is hosting a card game at the apartment, with Jarmyn, Lucien, Westin, and Valmont (who've all brought gifts). Glass watches for a bit, while the others start playing poker and discussing Valmont's upcoming wedding. Valmont invites everyone present to attend, and the talk turns to the Carnival and Excolo--both its expansion and its peculiarities.

Sunday, March 7, day 280

A quiet sort of day.
5th-Dec-2010 08:26 pm - Excolo Cemetary
Nightfall knows
[Current as of 08/16/2011]

I was updating the directory this afternoon and the Excolo Cemetery table became too unwieldy while attached to the main Character Directory, thus choking my code. I took it as a sign (and an excellent excuse) to fix up this table closer to how I envisioned it. I've tried to link to the posts that were most relevant (character profiles, death/murder scenes, etc.) but poke me if something's wrong or needs to be added. :D

--watch your step. It's bigger than you think.Collapse )
3rd-Dec-2010 07:33 pm - Former Player Characters now NPCs
Nightfall knows
[Current as of 08/16/2011]

Please let me know if something is incorrect or completely off and I'll make those changes immediately. :D

Characters turned NPCsCollapse )
23rd-Nov-2010 04:18 pm - That time again.
modly offer
Hey guys! Once again, the round-up. I'll be hitting the last few later this evening, and updating the summaries, as well as the [Ongoing] and [Dormant] tags.

Monday, February 22, day 267

Jarmyn is tending bar when Ri comes in with her date. He makes a point of kissing her so her date figures out she's open-minded, then gets them both drinks. Some of the locals are trash-talking Ri, and start insulting Jarmyn when he comes over. He continues to work politely, and Ri and her date decide to leave.

Kate is at the Café. Simon comes over, and the two discuss Benedict Donner and the moral connotations of the death penalty. Glass joins them as they are talking about the town's memory loss, and Tez's being missing. The conversation turns to Valentine's Day, and they conclude that yes, there probably was something odd going on, even if it doesn't seem to have been meant particularly maliciously. Loose plans to look into where Clara Linnet might have gotten the wherewithal to have it happen are made, and Simon offers to make a marker for Benedict Donner's grave. Kate excuses herself, and Glass gets up the nerve to suggest to Simon that he go talk to Syl and make amends.

Tuesday, February 23, day 268

!ac: violence Benedict is hanged.

Glass lays Benedict out.

Catherine is at the Abbey when Tarquin stops by. She invites him to lunch, after a little help with the stablework. Nanse-kam joins them and the three begin talking. [Dormant]

Tommi is at the Dormouse, and recognizes Elanna when she comes in for a chance to calm down after all this talk of hanging. Tommi brings her up to date on Excolo (gentrification of Silk Road, murdering cannibals, the carnival). Meanwhile, Valmont has stopped by to see Wanda. They discuss Kent Whitman, he brings her up to date on Alice, and then Wanda breaks down in tears. They're alone in the Dormouse, and she explains to him that she's married the thing in the water tower. Valmont is shocked, especially in light of her pregnancy, but they discuss her hopes for her child-to-be and she ends up feeling a little better.

Thursday, February 25, day 270

Glass gets frustrated and goes to the Sacred Whore looking for Dorian, wanting to know what the hell's wrong. He explains it's her being pregnant, although he avoids giving her an answer to why that's a problem, and she asks if he's willing to see her at all. [Ongoing]

Hope is in the Miskatonic, and Leah joins her. She's about to do a reading for Leah when a very shocked Westin and Lucien see her and come over. She explains that she lost her sight in the trade for her and Faith to be separate, and reassures them that it was Management, not the Tower. Westin excuses himself and Lucien follows, explaining Management is good at this sort of thing and noticing how well the tonic he made Westin appears to be working. Meanwhile, Hope begins her reading for Leah, and starts to get a sense of what Leah is. [Ongoing]

Friday, February 26, day 271

Wanda's been collecting gifts from Iblis, and is pleasantly surprised by the style of the cradle he left behind. She considers asking for him, but leaves a note thanking him instead.

Nu is in her trailer when Management comes by, and asks her about fathering a child. For their own reasons. Of course.

Silence is remembering more of her past, and trying to see how it fits in to what she has to do now.

Saturday, February 27, day 272

Jarmyn heads out to market and meets Elanna. He offers to help her with her deliveries in exchange for milk, and the two make the rounds, both finding each other naggingly familiar. They eventually place each other as having met over a year ago (bar brawl due to Elanna's companion, who they are both very annoyed with), and finish the deliveries.

Polly goes to the Miskatonic after market and meets Tess. The two discuss the church of Ladon being set up and Tess living with Kate. Benedict's hanging is touched on (and execution styles in Ladon), and how Excolo's growth has made the town a bit more dangerous. [Ongoing]

Sunday, February 28, day 273

Wanda goes to report Derek Granger missing. Jack listens to her explanation of hearing things, and promises to look into it. He asks her what she hears from her husband, and Wanda tries to dance around the question. Jack is disappointed to find out she knows what he is and is protecting him, and tells her that whatever she married set off the riot that Derek Granger went missing after. Wanda acknowledges Iblis's nature and explains that she doesn't focus on that side of him, and while she can't do anything to stop him she can try to help others.

Iago and Glass are celebrating his birthday. They exchange gifts and start swapping secrets (Damien's dreamwalking; Glass's birth date; subterranean greenhouses and invisibility potions; Lannie being a werewolf), and the conversation turns to what's going on in the basement of the Tavern. [Ongoing]
24th-Oct-2010 05:14 pm - What a week.
trenchcoat, pretty coroner
Once again, the roundup. Pretty quiet for the first few days, then dear god things kind of exploded on Thursday.

Just a reminder, guys: after five days with no action, you get to consider a thread closed and move on. I've written up threads that aren't marked closed and haven't seen action in five days as [Dormant]; if they're actually closed and you don't expect your characters to go back to them, can you mark them closed? I'd like to reflect that. :)

(If a thread you're in's marked Dormant and you thought it was closed, sort that out with the person you were playing with?)

Tuesday, February 16, day 261

Glass wanders down to the Abbey to clean up the older graves.

Wednesday, February 17, day 262

Wanda is eating at the Miskatonic when Zann stops by to see her. Zann explains what Iblis was like when everyone forgot, and asks Wanda if she'll help with Zann's attempt to partially recreate the music Iblis sang, on the hopes of reminding him of what he once was. Wanda is understandably concerned by this rather dangerous plan that might not work anyway, but agrees.

Thursday, February 18, day 263

Wanda is having a very hard time dealing with all the things, big and small, that are making her life miserable ATM.

Valmont is in the Whitechapel, enjoying morning coffee and avoiding the miserable weather, and Glass stops by. She asks him about suggestions for birthday presents, and then they start discussing Alice--her general abstraction, and her fondness for Gaueko particularly. Valmont asks her if she'd be willing to talk to Alice at some point, and Glass is startled, but agrees.

Tez goes to see Genny, and is horrified by the state she's been left in after he took the town's memories. [Dormant]

Miao is at the 'Boy when Jarmyn comes in looking for the security job. His only being available part-time is problematic, but Miao decides his general outlook is compatible with the 'Boy. She hires him for four nights a week, and Jarmyn promises to look into finding someone who can work the other nights.

!ac: violence, !caution Westin dozes off in his operating theatre, and Damien comes by. Westin is quite perplexed by exactly what makes Damien strange, but decides that politeness requires he wait for Damien to die and dissect their corpse.

Wanda is not succeeding at knitting a baby blanket and throws the resultant mess across the Dormouse, nearly hitting Romana when the latter comes in looking for a job. The two agree on hours for Romana to work, and Wanda says she'll let Romana sell her knitted goods out of the shop. [Dormant]

!ac: sex Iblis puts on a new body (Caldwell) and goes down to the Tavern, where she runs into Syl. The two end up commiserating over their exes, and Caldwell walks Syl home. Caldwell's poleaxed by Tez's presence when she crosses onto the Carnival grounds, and Syl takes her back to her trailer. They have sex, and end up both feeling a little better for it.

Friday, February 19, day 264

Edmund has been chosen to be the judge at Benedict's trial. The prosecution argues that he attacked Lannie and Liam and Jack Hollow, and was responsible for the desecration of the bodies of Eris and Vale. Evidence is given by Jack, Liam, Lucien, Glass, and Mab, and Lannie's statement is read out. Benedict does his best to cast aspersions on the prosecution's case (and character), insisting that there's no proof and sticking to the story that he stopped Liam from assaulting Lannie. The jury is unimpressed, and he is found guilty. [Dormant]

Saturday, February 20, day 265

Sapphira is at market, chatting to Nu and greeting Elanna. Sapphira and Nu compare notes on their work, and Isidore (who is looking over the town, trying to discern a pattern to the weirdness) comes by. There's a bit of tension between Isidore and Nu before the latter excuses themself. Isidore commissions a mask from Sapphira.

Elanna is on her milk run, and runs into Leah while delivering to Karina's house. They chat a bit, confirming the household order and returning the old milk bottles.

Zann is heading back to the living lot for a late lunch after working on her music box. She runs into Maeve, who's just come back. [Dormant]

Nanshe sets up a crossroads in dream.
* Syl arrives at the crossroads and follows the path to TRUTH, then chooses the kinder of the two paths and arrives at the carnival. She finds that she can help Genny, but not how.
* Damien arrives in the middle of nowhere, carrying a heavy bag because if they left things behind they'd be empty. He and Nanshe speak of fears and dangers for a little, and exchange gifts.
11th-Oct-2010 06:03 pm - APPLICATION SEASON IS OPEN AGAIN.
Old books
Welcome to round #38595749 (or thereabouts). EXCOLO: a game of the battle between good and evil (and all the people somewhere in the middle who are just trying to get by), of gods-come-walking and fairytales made flesh, of what happens after the apocalypse.

Two and a half years, 1483 entries, 21 current players, 69 current characters... Yeah, it's a slightly intimidating thing to join. But also pretty amazing - not many livejournal games last this long or have such a solid group of players! And we're always looking for new friends. (Please note that this game contains strong adult content - you're never required to write any, of course, but for this reason all players must be over 18.) You can read a quick bit of background on the game here.

If you're interested in joining, check the character directory first. Since this is a well-established game, we have a diverse range of characters, and I'd like to add to that. Here are some roles that would be usefully filled:

- The abbey, in service to goddessnanshe (click her profile for info), always welcomes new monks and nuns. A peaceful place, the abbey is mostly self-sufficient so characters with useful skills are welcome. The abbey is an open community so there are plenty of opportunities to mix with the town.
- The Saturday market always needs more traders.
- Market traders could be doubled up with local farmers, coming in to sell their wares. How about cheese, cloth etc?
- A milkman (with an old fashioned horse and cart) would be nice for morning deliveries!
- And how about a gardener? There must be a crew that maintains the town park... It's winter (mid-Feb in game), but that doesn't mean there aren't jobs to be done.
- A clerk for the town hall - we have councillors, but I'm sure they get tired of doing all their own paperwork.

We're totally open to other ideas, but it is a good idea to have some kind of notion of what your character could do in town. Excolo is a small place (though big by post-apocalypse standards), and though it has electricity it's not a high tech kinda town. We have quite a few powerful characters now, so all I'll say is that we'd prefer supernatural powers to be relatively low key. I'm willing to consider gods if they have diminished powers. I'm not really very interested in adding more "creatures of the night" to the mix. We have no need for more prostitutes. And everyone in Excolo is pretty gorgeous, so a being!sexy! superpower won't get you all that far. Other than that, knock yourselves out and fill out this form:

Your LJ name:
The character/s you currently play, if any:
Your claimed perfume:
Character name:
Back story:
Strengths and weaknesses:
How do you see this character fitting in to the game?:

Looking forward to hearing from you. We're here to answer your questions, too!
24th-Sep-2010 06:10 pm - Yet another round-up!
ready to work, pulling hair back
Plus side: 19 posts for the week! Minus side: two of them are threadbombs and six of them are closed (I *always* feel so awkward summarizing closed posts). Bear with me.

Monday, February 8, day 253

!ac: violence !threadbomb Iblis, as Danika, takes advantage of Benedict's arrest to light the fuse for a riot.
* Miao was at the Sheriff's to see if she recognized Benedict. Jack Hollow asks her to hide, and goes out front to address the crowd, whereupon Reed shoots him and the crowd gels into a mob and charges the Sheriff's. Jack starts barricading the place and locks Benedict in the basement, and Simon/Azrael appear inside to help.
* Edmund invites Leah into the Cockaigne Bakery where it'll be safer.
* Wanda starts trying to get to the Sheriff's to see if she can protect Miao. As she is visibly pregnant, Aerika and Valmont and Jamie and Jarmyn and Arkady haul her out of the riot and back to the bakery. Valmont tries to get to the Sheriff's to see if Miao is alright, but can't get through the mob and goes back towards the library to make sure Hermia is safe.
* Romana and Mike are at the General Store. Kate invites them in, but runs out into the crowd when she sees Tess there. Kaeli comes over to the General Store porch, and Ri invites all three of them into the salon.
* Syl and Nu and Silence are talking to Constantine when the riot starts. Johnny comes out of the bakery to tell Syl and Nu they can hide there with Jamie and Arkady, and Mab arrives back in town after dealing with a smaller mob on the road to the Carnival. Johnny heads into the crowd to see if he can get Tess and Kate back to the General Store. Nu and Syl follow him while Mab, Constantine, and Silence head to the Sheriff's.
* Tess starts drawing on the anger of the crowd for a spell when Zann shoots her from the roof of the Apothecary with a zip gun. This disorients Tess, although she still manages to keep Kate from getting crushed in the crowd. Johnny and Syl and Nu arrive and the five start trying to get back out of the crowd, but the whole "carnies hauling off the General Store owner" thing makes them the focus of some attention. Lannie joins Zann in pelting the mob with assorted missiles while Kate hauls Tess off to the bakery.
* Cookie goes up to the roof of the Tavern to watch the riot.
* Verdi sneaks into the Sheriff's through the top storey, getting Miao out of there and leaving her up on the roof with (an invisible) Iago.
* Mab gets into the Sheriff's through the back, followed by Constantine and Silence. Jack loses it and charges out in full-on scarecrow mode when he sees Catherine and Isidore riding into the crowd. Reed and some other members of the mob start breaking in, but the defenders manage to hold strong. Azrael has his death aspect become more pronounced, somewhat quelling the mood, and Mab heads out to start breaking up the riot.
* Nu calls up the river, flooding a chunk of Main Street. He and Syl and Johnny escape the mob, then Nu and Syl head back to the Carnival.

Tuesday, February 9, day 254

Dana awakens from a nightmare of being hounded to a river of blood and frozen forever into a statue, relieved that it didn't (can't, here in Excolo) happen.

Wednesday, February 10, day 255

Glass is in the courtyard of the Tavern when Kate comes by. The two talk about the riot and Benedict, and Glass tells Kate the rumour that Wanda giving birth will herald the destruction of everything. They sketch out a loose idea to help Wanda's child, and start figuring out who to talk to.

Polly goes by the 'Boy and meets with Parras. They talk a little about where they have each come from, and come to a pleasant mutual understanding.

Thursday, February 11, day 256

Glass, a bit flustered by this whole landlady thing, heads out to the Miskatonic and runs into Lannie. The matter of Verdandi's recent disturbing behaviour comes up. [Ongoing]

!ac: violence Tarquin comes back over the Pontarlier from the Carnival and tries to get a bed for the night by hitting on a couple of local guys. Fortunately, Jarmyn shows up to save him, and Jack Hollow ends up hauling everyone down to the station. Jarmyn gives a statement and heads home.

Friday, February 12, day 257

Tarquin is visited in jail by Jarmyn. Jarmyn tries to be supportive and encouraging, and Jack Hollow suggests he can do that without getting quite so close to Tarquin. Constantine comes by to check on Tarquin, who ends up being released after promising to go by the Abbey.

!ac: sex Verite is at work when Jarmyn comes in looking for an addition to his tattoo and a haircut. He offers to pay for it with sex; she accepts and gets weepy afterwards when he tells her he's trying to make sure she had fun. He distracts her by getting her to slap him (consensually), and they compare knives before having sex again.

Kate goes to see Dorian. Despite his dedicated efforts to avoid the topic and any memory of how they got along during Tabula Rasa, they have a discussion about his avoiding Glass. She returns his watch, tells him he's being unkind to Glass although he isn't a bad man, and he sort of bolts. But politely.

Hope and Faith go to see Management, and accept the deal it offered for them to be separated.

Damien goes into Johnny's dream, a surreal 50s rock-a-billy teen movie. They fight off the guys who attacked Johnny outside the Whitechapel, and drive off to neck at Lover's Lane. [Dormant]

Saturday, February 13, day 258

Sapphira is selling masks at market. Faith comes by and buys one, and feels a little better for wearing it; they have a brief but pleasant exchange.

Benedict, in a somewhat feverish state, is thinking of how things could have been with Glass and resenting the lack of gratitude the other carnies have for his admirable self-restraint.

Wanda is dealing with her pregnancy, lack of sleep, lack of energy, and other consequences of her upcoming birth. She ends up putting a "Help Wanted" sign in the window and trying to get some sleep, wishing Iblis would visit again.

Westin is quite pleased to have finally been able to start work on the man who came by to apologize for his behaviour during the riot.

Sunday, February 14 , day 259

!ac: sex !threadbomb The free punch at one of the Valentine's Day stalls has been accidentally spiked with infatuation-in-a-bottle bought from Iblis's Uri form.
* Jarmyn and Constantine get a crush on each other and start making awkward conversation. Glass joins them and chats a little about Thursday before Kate arrives, Glass becomes infatuated with her, and the two women head over to say hello to Tess and Valmont. Jarmyn coaxes Lucien back to his office and convinces him to engage in S&M sex.
* Foxton and Westin run into each other at the quilt stall, quite enjoy each other's company, and engage in fond if awkward polite conversation.
* Marbas and Catherine run into and get attracted to each other, and begin talking.
* Valmont and Tess are talking when Kate and Glass join them. Valmont excuses himself, Glass manages awkward conversation with Tess, and Glass and Kate head back to the General Store with Tess promising to follow later. They go upstairs for tea and start talking about what might be going on at the Tavern, and Dorian avoiding Glass.
* Nu and Miao find each other, are attracted to each other, and start discussing the riot (managing to do this without the conversation being too awkward, which is quite impressive).
* Leah falls for Syl and asks if they can go off together and talk. They go to the Tavern, where Leah asks her for a protective charm.
* Dana and Silence are smitten with each other and wander off together, Silence trying to figure out why she's so attracted to Dana and Dana looking forward to unravelling Silence and her secrets.
* Damien and Valmont run into and crush on each other, and are joined by Johnny who promptly gets smitten by Valmont. Valmont invites them back to his place for lunch.

Tez goes to see Iblis, who gives him back recollection of what it is to be human, along with memories of Iblis from Tabula Rasa. Tez is understandably miserable over this, which Iblis finds delightful, and the two break up.

Hope is trying to cope with having given away most of her real-world sight, and with actually being alone.
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